Jaguars Front Office?

by Dolfanatic | 3 years ago | 0 Comments

The Jaguars shock the world with their 1st overall pick. For the 2nd season in a row, they stick to their draft board with their General Manager quoting their philosophy statement after a questionable draft day. On day 1, with their 1st round pick of the draft they draft yet another Quarterback - even after drafting a Quarterback that won rookie of the year, and went to the Pro Bowl on his first year. Still confused? So are we.

We're two games into the season, and it seems the Jaguars really enjoy adding depth to their roster - even in unique ways. We haven't seen this kind of strategy in ages. But the Jaguars are doing just that; rotating their Quarterbacks into different unique packages and using them to their strengths. One being a mobile Quarterback, while the other is a precision pocket passer. Who's going to be the first team to figure them out - if someone does that is?

Well, one thing is for certain, given the cirumstance of the need of a backup Quarterback, the Jaguars will be prepared and ready given the unfortunate occurrence of injury occurring. They'll have a backup (or a starter?) that already happens to know the playbook inside and out. Or will they be handicapped with the rest of the playbook that they're not limited to if it's not the 1 year veteran?