Germans Trading for Futbol for Football

by Hockletron | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

The New England Patriots have gotten support from an unlikley source due to an unlikey player. Moritz Boehringer the Patriots TE has gathered a huge following and its compleately understandable with his performnce last week. The 25 year old TE is from Stuttgart, Germany where most of these new fans are coming from, the young TE had a great game last week against the Philladephia Eagles with his total stats of 6 rec. 78 yards and 1 TD in the land slide win against the Eagels. Boehringer has over 300 yards this season and 4 TDs and we asked him how it feels to have some German Futbol fans start to watch Football more because of him he said "I just wanted to play the game that I love, it's crazy to see how much of an impact im having in my home country, I just hope to keep playing well and make it to the Super Bowl with New England" well said by the young TE. The Patriots move to 3-3 with the win over the Eagles (27-0) and there fan base looks to be in great shape as the Pats look forward to next week.