History Repeats

by Dolfanatic | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

It's week 17 and the Ravens were in a desperate scenario to make the playoffs. Even sitting at 10 wins going into week 17, they aren't secured at a Playoff seed seeing as how the 13 win Browns lead the division and both other Wildcards are in a 3way tie at 10 wins. However, the Ravens are on the outside looking in because of a Conference record.

After falling to the Dolphins earlier today in week 17, looking at history in the last 3 years, the Ravens failed to make playoffs for the 2nd time with at least a 10 win record, and when they did make playoffs, they lost to the Dolphins 2 years ago, they fell to the Dolphins in the Wildcard - when Faryl Herald became player of the week and rushed all over the Ravens playing and making a name for himself coming off his injuries that he experienced throughout the entire season.