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Last weeks exciting game of the week let’s see if this one can top it... Madden Of Fame GOTW WEEK 2 !!!!
Houston is coming in off a loss against the chargers but as we seen from last year they are still a team to not be messed around with.... this year Deshaun Watson is looking to put this league on notice and Will Fuller is also looking to become a superstar in front of our eyes.... last year they had a great year despite a lousy start week one we can’t bring them down because that was one game out of 16 so they will need to step up especially the offensive line against this stingy and nasty defensive front... and Watson will have to be careful with them ball hawks back there !! On the defensive side we get to see last years int leader Vernon Hargreaves so defense will y’all step up this week and go back to .500 I sure would hope soo !!!
Cards are coming off a win against the 49ers which was a great match the offense may have all the passing offensive high power weapons with Thomas and Hopkins but their running game showed out the best with Dontrell Hillard rushing for 100+ and I don’t see no slowing down from him.... this offense passing game will step up eventually so let’s see if it’s this game and they show how good they really are on the field instead of on paper !!! This unit really surprised me the most coming off a 8 game sack and bottled up the quickest running back in the game... was that game showing that this defense is legit or was it a fluke we will most definitely see this game... offense will have to step up if they want to close up a home opener against the Texans this week !!!