Chat, Roster & Pre-Game Rules

- No disrespect of other members. This league is intended to be both competitive and fun, so keeping it respectful and establishing friendships is the best of both worlds. This isn't a money league; We're building a Madden football community and it's in everyone's best interest that we view everyone within this league as family.

- Advances generally will be every 48 hours. Give or take around Holidays, important game scheduling (Seeded and In the Hunt teams), and other unexpected possibilities.

- Stay active, don't tank games, play spoiler. Inactive users that are tanking games or just impossible to reach ruins both the competitive spirit in the league and also makes the chat extremely inactive. All in all, it just makes the league boring. Teams actively playing spoiler will be rewarded in some way or another for playing spoiler or actively trying to play spoiler over a team with good Playoff standing.

- No releasing and resigning of players for the purpose of restructuring and renegotiating contracts.

- Position changes will not be allowed. If you'd like to request a position change, ask a Commissioner for permission. Changing positions within the Depth Chart is permitted.

- Name Changes: Don't change the name of any players. For rookies or "madden created players" you must ask a Commissioner for approval.

- If a game cannot be scheduled because a player can't be reached the game will result in a forced sim win for the player who was available. If a game time just couldn't be reached it will be a fair sim. Injuries will remain on so if you're given a force win, if you'd like player stats you run the risk of injuring your players that are starting.

- Home Field Advantage - The away team is required to stream playoff games unless agreed upon by the home team.

- Must have at least 6 linemen on the roster during the regular season.

- Must have 53 players signed to the team throughout the season.

- No 7 year contracts are to be offered to players without proof that said player is requesting that ahead of time. Historically, it's not a common occurrence and has only happened a couple times historically in the NFL. This frees up too much cap room for active teams to create dynasties of talent over CPU teams or players that weren't active throughout the offseason.

While in Game

- No custom playbooks.

- Hurry up may be used in a number of situations. You may use Hurry Up Offense twice per drive, while down by 14 or more, or down by any amount in the 2nd and 4th quarter.

- Open up your playbook. No repeatedly calling the same plays. We all have a variety of plays we like to go to, but don't repeatedly run the same plays. If this is deemed with proof it will result in a  game suspension.

- Blowout rule - Unless there's still any possibility of your opponent actually coming back to win, don't continue to keep scoring on your opponent. It's rude, disrespectful and poor sportsmanship. No teams should have over 40 points a game __regularly__.

- No stat padding. If the game is over, don't keep trying to add to your players stats, or kill time for more plays instead of just taking a knee to win the game. Stat padding will result in a suspension.

- 4th down rule: You may go for it any time it's 4th and 5 or less. You also have 1 free 4th down a game if it's more than 5 yards. You may also go for it at any time when down in the 4th quarter, or down by 15 or more points.

- You may attempt an Onside Kick any time when trailing in the 4th quarter. You get 1 free Onside Kick attempt during the game.

- Fake Punts and Fake Field Goals do NOT count toward your one free 4th down attempt per game.

- Playmaker is limited to once per half to stop abuse while keeping realism of lack of commitment to a recognized zone.

Stat Padding

- Your pass to run ratio cannot be heavily unbalanced. Keep it realistic; if you're up 30 points, there's absolutely no reason to be passing 90% of the time.

- The minimum amount of passes in any game should be a minimum of 7 pass attempts.

- The most touchdowns ever thrown in NFL history is 7. This shouldn't be happening on a daily basis.

- The minimum amount of rush attempts in any game should be a minimum of 5 rush attempts.

- The most rushing yards in a single season is 2105. All records are meant to be broken, but when records are broken they're relatively close to the previously set record.

- The most yards run in a single game is 295 yards on 30 carries . Again, records are meant to be broken but not frequently or by insanely large margins so keep it close and realistic.

- If you're breaking records or just up by a massive lead, bench your starting players that are having their stats inflated and looking unrealistic. [Especially on a daily basis.]

- Defensive stat padding is a thing. Don't give up on plays. Ex: Don't field goal block on 1st down, don't intentionally let the other team score when the game is already lost, etc. Stat padding is still padding when you're handing stats to your opponents.

- Stat padding will result in a force loss (suspension) in your next game. If it happens twice in a single season, you will be removed from the league.

- If a stat padded player receives player of the week, they will lose a physical attribute (Strength, Speed, etc.) to their stats to compensate and a new player will be voted player of the week. This player will be edited to receive an attribute instead.


- All trades must be approved by our Organizers before they happen. No trades with CPU are permitted.

- A player cannot be traded two times within a 4 advance week period the season he is signed/traded. Flipping players is something we're addressing and putting an end to.

- New users may not trade players that are in the first year of their contract.