Coach’s Corner (tbear edition)

by CaptainStriker0 | 1 year ago | 1 Comments

What is your name and age?
Tyler, 24
Do you have any family? Children, Significant Others, Pets?
2 doggos ??
Where are you from?
Fkn Iowa. Nothing but corn here
Lawn Care
Favorite NFL team?
Bear Dahn
Favorite sport growing up?
When did you start playing Madden?
Madden 10?
When did you start playing CFM?
I wanna say Madden 15
When did you join Zone? For the commishes, when did you start your dictatorship in Zone? 
Early in the Madden 20 season when zone was on slack and Kulo was the one true god. 
Best Zone member?
I mean I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t me.
Least favorite commissioner?
All of them. #freeDK
Favorite person to play?
Did you ever play football? What position would you have been best at? Yeah I played LB 
What NFL player would you be most similar to? Ray Lewis
Favorite NFL player of all time?
Brian Urlacher
Favorite NFL moment of all time?
Bears SB of course
Favorite Madden moment of all time? When the CBs 360 no-scope one handed moss WRs. In all seriousness besting Butler in the Bowl back to back 
Favorite food?
Juicy Steak 
Drink of choice?
Alcoholic? Tap Bud light. Non-Alcoholic? Water tbh
You’re going to be stranded on an island for a month? What are 3 things you’re bringing aside from food?
A pocket pussy, one of those clean water straw things, and a volleyball
If you become the GM of the Jets, what is the first move you’re making?
Trade Darnold for more picks in this draft 
How has the pandemic affected you?
Honestly my area didn’t get hit hard. Masks weren’t even mandated till super late into the whole thing. Nothing in my life has changed besides the small obvious stuff. 
Go-to play on 4th and 15?
Have a few but PA Post Shot out of gun tight flex