Coach’s Corner (Butler go brrrr edition)

by CaptainStriker0 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

What is your name and age? Mike, 24 

Do you have any family? Children, Significant Others, Pets? Just a couple parents, a sister and nephew 

Where are you from? Born in Green Bay, raised in Syracuse, NY, currently live in Buffalo 
Occupation? Medical Student 

Favorite NFL team? Green Bay Packers 

Favorite sport growing up? Football 

When did you start playing Madden? Madden 2003 for the OG Xbox 

When did you start playing CFM? Madden 19 is when I consistently joined leagues 
When did you join Zone? For the commishes, when did you start your dictatorship in Zone?
Joined zone in Madden 20, started my dictatorship year 1 this year to help revive this bish with Striker, and we thrivin now 
Best Zone member? Jewby Jewby Doo 
Least favorite commissioner? Butler

Favorite person to play? Tie between Groves and Striker. My rivalry with Groves goes all the way back to when I first joined Zone. 

Did you ever play football? What position would you have been best at? Yeah I played EDGE and OL through HS. Would have loved to play QB but I just didn’t have the arm. 

What NFL player would you be most similar to? David Bakhtiari 
Favorite NFL player of all time?
Aaron Rodgers 
Favorite NFL moment of all time? Super Bowl XLV, I was there 
Favorite Madden moment of all time? My first super bowl win in Madden 20. 

Favorite food? 18 oz Bone-in Ribeye, medium rare 
Drink of choice? Jack and Coke 
You’re going to be stranded on an island for a month? What are 3 things you’re bringing aside from food? A months supply of food, a months supply of water, and a months supply of porn 

If you become the GM of the Jets, what is the first move you’re making? Picking Zach Wilson. 
How has the pandemic affected you? Isolation has sucked but overall I haven’t even crazy affected
Go-to play on 4th and 15? Eagles Trips Packers Smash