Coach’s corner (groves edition)

by CaptainStriker0 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

1.Name Timothy Groves  age 28 about ti turn 29  

2 .family yes children no single pets no

3.im for Mississippi  Jackson

4.school bus driver  

5.san Francisco 49ers


7. I was a huge college fan before I started  playing madden I would say 2002

8. 2010

9.i joined  zone in 2018 I think maybe sooner

9. I would say butler

10.no one tbh I love them all the dsme but fuck young sip

11. My favorite  person to play is panthers tbh

12.yes I played football I played running back them moved to cb

13.i would say Maurice  Jones drew

14.patrick Willis

15.when we drafted  Jerry Rice

16.my favorite  madden moment  was winning the superbowl with the vikings in madden 16 in cfm against a user no one could beat blew him out then got kicked lol ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

17.mexican food

18.i don't drink but I would say Hennessy

19.girls and the lube and food ???? healthy

20.i would fire the head upstairs

21. It affected  me alot because  I work for the government  put im managing

22.i would do the post fades right the hitch and go