The Patriots are home to one of the greatest sports dynasties in history. The departure of Belicheck and Brady have hurt them heavily, although you wouldn't be able to tell judging by the regular seasons. The issue that comes is that their playoff successes have been few and far between, with a whopping zero super bowl appearances despite fielding some of the best teams in that past. Just this last week however, with their GM steppi...

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Carolina Panthers


Carolina, there were some question marks around these jungle cats coming into the season. While certainly no one could deny that Carolina has a very talented and skilled team, there consistent lack of playoff success since their championship run has left fans frustrated. This f...

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Washington Redskins: 2018 NFL Draft Recap

Going into the 2018 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins possesed the 15th Overall pick after going 8-8 on the season. The Redskins went into the offseason without any key losses on either side of the ball, so the organization had one objective: Take the pressure off of Quarterback Jamies Winston. At the conclusion of Free Agency, where the Redskins were realtively quiet, the team struck a deal with the Cincinatti Bengals to move up to t...

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Washington Redskins: 2017 Season Review

In a highly competitive NFC East Division, which sent two teams to the playoffs this year, the Redskins finished the year with an 8-8 record. The team managed to stay at .500 with a Week 17 win against the New York Gaints, but the win wasn't enough to leapfrog the Giants into 3rd place in the NFCE. Despite a 4th place finish, the Redskins showed that they can be competitive when firing on all cylinders, as they defeated three high-pr...

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1)      Patriots

Sitting at numero uno yet again is none other than Retro.  I wish he played ATL and not the wannabe Super Bowl contender BillyJags.  The only blemish on his record is his loss to Stig3r which came as a surprise to everyone.  Next up, Retro faces the Vikings which should be a very interesting game.  We should know the outcome in about 3 weeks when a commish decides to update daddyleages.

2)   ...

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1)      Patriots [9-1]

Retro is still the clear number 1 even after losing to stig3r.  Retro had a very easy schedule up to this point but will start hitting turbulence when he has to face the Browns, the BillyJags, the Vikings, and I guess the meme Lions.  These games will get Retro into playoff form after defeating a bunch of Division 3 teams for a confidence booster.  #3PeatPats

2)      49ers [9-1]

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I am sorry I couldn't add commentary for everyone.  I had to make this week's power ranking quick.



1)      Patriots [4-0]

Retro is like a fine wine, he gets better with age.  After completely exposing the Bills in week 3 and beating his swa division rival in week 4, Retro looks to continue his domination against Lynch who has been below average all season.

2)      ...

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Note: I will edit in commentary later tonight.


1)      Patriots [2-0] (Last week: 1)

2)      Vikings [2-0] (Last week: 2)

3)      Chargers [1-1] (Last week: 3)

4)      Jaguars [2-0] (Last week: 4)

5)      Ravens [2-0] (Last week: 8)

6)      Falcons [1-1] (Last...

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1)      Patriots [1-0] (Last week: 1)

Ezpz lemon squeezy.  There is nothing new to see here because Retro didn’t have a chance to play CP90.  It was a sim/cpu/I don’t even give a fuck because it doesn’t change his ranking.

2)      Vikings [1-0] (Last week: 4)

After beating the Jets, Jox has proved to be a very high skilled player.  Even though he has a run-heavy offense, he e...

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Note: Since we have acquired multiple new users, the power rankings heavily favor the scrubs veterans.  Once we advance a few weeks, the power rankings will be more accurate (Squish at number 32).


1)     Patriots

2)      Lions

3)      Chargers

4)      Vikings

5)      Falcons

6)  &nbsp...

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