Deca's Corner

by decadog | 3 years ago | 2 Comments

  Good morning all and welcome back.  It's been a rough season, there's really no other way to put it.  Even when we played well it wasn't enough to win.  We enter week 15 still winless on the season with very tough opponents left on the schedule.  Our remaining opponents are the Cardinals, Bengals and Panthers.  All of those teams are battling for playoff seeding so our goal moving forward is to play the spoiler and get this team a win before seasons end.  As I mentioned last week we started some rookie players to see what we have in these guys.  OLB Marcus Langley has been a pleasant surprise.  He's holding down his side of the field nicely.  SS Finau Snead is out with a season ending injury so we'll rely on yet another rookie to step up and show what he's made of.  Rookie QB Cody Kincade will be starting his first game as a 49er next week vs a tough Cardinals team.  At this point, we may as well see what we have in this young man.  See if he is worth retaining for another year.  While this has been a very difficult season for our entire staff we continue to look for the silver lining in the cloud that has followed us this year.  Our scouts have been out in full force and I've received some outstanding reports on the rookie class looking to take the next step next season.  I'm not going to share too much at this point because we still have 3 games in front of us and I want this team focusing on the task at hand.  We must find a way to get these guys a win before the seasons end.  Playing spoiler to one of the potential playoff teams we're faced with would go a long way in restoring this teams confidence before winding down the season.  Until next week.  #trusttheprocess