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by decadog | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

After an 0-16 season many questions have to be answered.  Most importantly "what are our biggest strengths and what are out biggest weaknesses?"  With that in mind we set out this week to make those determinations.  While we ranked at the very bottom of the league defensively our defense was on the field far too much of the time because our offense turned the ball over so much.  We ranked either first or last in nearly every negative category this past season and it will not happen again.  We've been able to answer many of these questions over the course of the last week and I won't be going into alot of detail but we have outlined a plan of action for next season as well as what we need to add via draft or free agency to make this plan a reality.  First and foremost I'd like to let the fans know that we will not be moving the first overall pick after all.  We want to be absolute certain that we get the player we target in the draft.  The best way to do that is remove all doubt by keeping the first pick.  We love Jawara Woodard in San Francisco and he will be given ample opportunity to prove he is a #1 quarterback in this league but with next season being a contract year for him we cannot and will not rest on our laurels at the QB position.  There are some very talented QB's coming out of college this year.  One of them will be coming to San Francisco to compete with Jawara for that coveted position.  At last count we had 10 picks in the upcoming draft with 5 of them being in the first 64 and we continue to gauge the interest from other teams in regard to acquiring additional picks.  While slim on answers I hope this clears up any doubts fans may have had regarding the future of your 49ers at the quarterback position.  There are many holes to fill on our roster but first and foremost is winning the turnover battle and that starts with the guy throwing the ball.  Tune in next week when I will provide news on all the picks we made in the draft as well as free agency additions to your 49ers.  Until then................#trusttheprocess