One Step Back. Two Steps Forward.

by FCB_Drako | 2 years ago | 1 Comments

One Step Back. Two Steps Forward.


The Chiefs finished the season a dissapointing 7-9. Did not make the playoffs, have very little cap room to make significant upgrades, and Head Coach Andy Reid retired. Any hopes of reaching the owner's lofty goals were dashed when starting HB Treveon Marshall was seriously  injured in the preseason, missing the entire season. He had also gotten injured late last season and missed the Wildcard game. A very significant hit for a team that like to run the ball and has a rookie QB under Center. In fact, the only goal the team reached was that they found out exactly what kind of player they had drafted in QB James Strzelczyk. 


The 1st Round rookie began his season wth a solid outing. He was in the talks to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, but he could not keep his play at a high level. The offensive line struggled to keep him upright. 56 sacks resulted in him looking more and more like a rookie. The running game was solid with TJ Logan doing his best with his opportunities, but it was not enough to relieve the pressure on the young signal caller. 


Defensively the team stuggled to create turnovers and allowed more big plays than in the past seasons. It wasn't until late in the season, with the playoffs long out of the picture, that the unit played inspired football and really got  to the opposing QBs. It was the right mix of Dante Fowler and Cliff Avril playing together (injuries had prevented this) and playing all out for the departing coach in Andy Reid. 


Successful Offseason

For the upcoming season the team wanted to get better on defense and focus on the trenches. The brass hired Mike Zimmer as the new Head Coach. He's the perfect defensive minded coach. He leads players and provides solid fundametals stopping the run and getting after the QB. Last couple of seasons the defensive unit had been on the lower end in rushing yards allowed. With the injury bug hitting Treveon Marshall and TJ Logan not quite being the answer the team signed proven HB LeSean McCoy. The talented HB still has the ability to make defenders miss in space and will be key in proving an outlet for Strzelczyk. Finally in the MBL Draft the team went all in on offensive and defensive line. The team chose LT Anthony Eaton in the 1st round. Widely regarded as the best offensive linemen. Center Bryant Jerry was chosen in the 3rd round with the team believeing they got an absolute steal with him. Look for him to challenge for a starting spot as the season progresses. DE Rashawn Pryce will also challenge for a starting spot. Coaches believe he could be the teams best pass rusher in his first season. Mike Zimmer has stated he is fully commited in developing the lines and go from there. 


Upcoming Season Goals

This goals for this season remain the same. Challenge for the division and make the playoffs. James Strzelczyk is expected to have better production with an improved offensive line. On defense the unit seeks to remain tops in the league in pts allowed, passing yards and also improve on rushing defense while creating more turnovers. This is also the contract years for TE Travis Kelce and LB Justin Houston. It will be interesing to see how the veterans produce.