Rams vs Giants

by Justb3r3al | 5 years ago | 3 Comments

Giants find a W after a 7 game losing streak. Cam Newton attributed alot of the credit to the Giants new owner Brandon Kelly for the sudden sense of urgency. Cam Newton told reporters today "The players have all rallied behind new owner Brandon Kelly, even the coaching staff. There's something about a guy who can be personable and genuine. Our Owner Kelly us all convinced and you saw that on the field today". 

 The Giants played a great first half of football, but got shut out in the second half. Cam Newton connected with A.J. Green for a TD early in the first quarter. Cam got another deep ball to O'dell Beckham, who was tackled at the 2 yard line with 4 seconds on the clock, but the team couldn't get in the end zone. Giants defence contributed a TD also, giving the team just enough to win todays game. If the offence can get things in order, there's no telling how good this team can become.