MBL Season 44 Draft Pros Offensive Top 5 Position Rankings

by xEriccG12 | 8 months ago | 0 Comments


An extremely deep QB draft, we could potentially see all of the QBs in my Top 5 fighting for starting jobs during the preseason. Led by Freddie Felton the Heisman Award Winner and the QB that I believe is gonna end up packing his bags for San Francisco as the #1 pick in tonight’s draft. I am very excited to see where these QBs end up after the dust settles and the draft is over.



The one thing I can say about this HB class is that they definitely do not lack speed. With 2 HBs in the Top 5 running sub 4.40 40 times, I could see a team or 2 reach on HBs to try and bring in a big play guy to add some firepower to their offense. The Chiefs and Colts are my teams who I see HB being a big enough need to make a move in the 1st round so we shall see what happens tonight.



A BIG time WR class with an emphasis on BIG. With every WR on my Top 5 being 6’0” and over, the size factor makes this class a very intriguing group to follow. I expect the majority of these guys to go very early and all of them to be off the board when the 1st round comes to a close. There are a bunch of teams with WR as a need and these guys are top notch talent.



A solid group of Offensive Linemen as we head into this draft. This group has high potential and should have a couple of these guys going inside the top 10 picks. With Offensive Linemen getting older in the MBL, every team needs potential replacements at this position and this may be the best draft to do it with the depth at the position.