MBL Season 44 Draft Pros Defensive Top 5 Position Rankings

by xEriccG12 | 8 months ago | 0 Comments


A strong interior defensive line presence in this year's draft as the amount of edge rushers is very slim. Maybe a team can find a diamond in the rough that will produce on the edge but I expect these top DTs to be difference makers day 1 for the teams that select them.



Another weak LB class in terms of depth at the position. Outside of Treyvon Williams, I really do not see a player that can make a legitimate difference on a team from the jump. Wade Bedell and Dylan Harrell both have potential at the MLB position, but I am curious to see if their development depends on where they are selected.



I love the CBs in this Top 5, they all have great potential and look set to be big time playmakers wherever they go. In terms of size, speed and skill they definitely have all the tools you are looking for in a great CB.



A nice Safety class in this year’s draft, but that is just it, nice. I do not think that there is a Safety that sticks out that much of the pack. I really think it all depends on where these guys are drafted and that will decide the productivity of each guy.