MBL Draft Pros S46 Defensive Top 5

by xEriccG12 | 6 months ago | 1 Comments


A lot of big guys in this years draft class as we don’t see a ton of edge rushers highlighting this group. The lone edge rusher of the group Josh Lowell is a mystery to everyone after he was not able to be at the Combine.



The best MLB prospect I have seen this cycle is in this years draft and his name is Donnell Thomas. Thomas is a jack of all trades and a real leader on defense. The UCLA MLB posted 1st in almost all the major combine categories, the 40 yard dash was the only thing he missed being 1st in and he recorded the 2nd fastest time.



Maybe the best CB draft class of the cycle is highlighted by Kirkland Jones. We have 5 players here that all have Star potential. These guys could be big difference makers for teams in the early half of the 1st round looking to bolster their defense.



This Safety group are pretty lackluster in the fact that I dont see anyone who can make an impact day 1. There will have to be some development to get these guys on the right track, but dont sleep on this class if they get put in the right situation.