MBL Draft Pros Season 47 Rookie Awards

by xEriccG12 | 4 months ago | 2 Comments

Offensive Rookie of the Year- WR Chauncey Ferguson - Washington Redskins


Chauncey Ferguson came out of the gates like a lighting bolt, asserting himself into the spotlight and never turning back. Ferguson turned a team that was a run first offense into a pass heavy offense just by his presence and I think the best is yet to come for Ferguson. The Redskins main issue is finding a balance in their offense and if they do that it may lead to Ferguson finding himself open more than usual due to the existing running attack led by CMC. The numbers put up by Chauncey was astronomical for a rookie and something we may not see again. 


Defensive Rookie of the Year- DE LeVeon Ball - Seattle Seahawks


In all honesty this was a very off year for these rookie defenders, despite the talent being there, the play on the field was just off. That sentiment was true for most rookie defenders, but not this guy. I have said more than enough about LeVeon Ball in my previous articles for you to know I am a big fan of this guy. Ball to come out and make an instant impact in the pass and rush defense is not seen a lot in rookies in the MBL. With the stout defense being built in Seattle, I do not see LeVeon slowing down by any means.


Biggest Surprise- QB Marc Jackson - Atlanta Falcons


Marc Jackson, QB of the Atlanta Falcons. That is not something I thought I would be saying at this time after we just witnessed an insane season from QB Sam McCoy, but the Falcons questioned if McCoy was worth the contract he was asking for and in stepped Jackson. Throwing for 24 TDs and only 7 INTs as a rookie is very impressive, especially when he did not start every game. From the looks of it, Marc Jackson has taken the reigns in Atlanta and Sam McCoy is on the outs and heading to Free Agency. As a 4th round pick, the Falcons could have found a big time steal with Marc Jackson if he can keep his production high.


Biggest Letdown- QB Damon Porter - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Now the Biggest Letdown is QB Damon Porter, or should I just put this on the Tampa Bay Organization. The situation Tampa presented to Damon Porter was one that did not leave him in a position to prosper. Having 2 All Pro WRs is nice in OBJ and Raymond Davis, but outside of that the rest of their weapons are lackluster to say the least. When you have no rushing attack to lean on and your starting TE is Bug Howard, that throws all the pressure onto a Rookie QB and I never expect a Rookie to be able to handle that much pressure.


Draft Steal- CB Juan Freeman - Baltimore Ravens


As a late 2nd round pick the Baltimore Ravens got tremendous production out of Juan Freeman. Snagging 5 INTs in Season 47 which was tied for the league lead by rookies. With the recent acquisition of Justin Layne by the Ravens, the secondary continues to get better and just at the right time as Baltimore continues its quest at another Super Bowl Title. 


Draft Bust- CB Abraham Becton - Cleveland Browns


When you draft someone #2 you expect to get high production, but the Browns did not get that from Abraham Becton. Despite dealing with injury Becton appeared in 12 games and only amounted 12 tckls and only 3 defl. This season was definitely a bust for Becton, but I have faith he can turn this around as he gets used to the speed of the MBL game and gets comfortable in the Browns defensive system.