MBL Draft Pros Season 48 Draft Offensive Top 5

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A class led by 3 QBs worthy to be in the Top 10 makes this possibly the best QB class we have seen. Eric Gomez out of Penn State came away with the Heisman Trophy and that makes him the favorite to be the first QB off the board, but when I look at these guys the one that shines above the rest is Ashley Newkirk. Newkirk comes from USC, while he doesnt have the same athletic ability as Eric Gomez or Conor Ford, he has all the arm talent you could ask for. Newkirk is highlighted by his canon of an arm and his ability to make the majority of the shows that he will be asked to make in the MBL. Conor Ford seems to be the odd one out when it comes to this top 3 and that is not a knock on his talent by any means. Conor Ford is cool as ice under pressure and that is a huge plus for any team in the market for a QB because of how deadly pass rush can be in the MBL.


Draft Comps: 


Ashley Newkirk: Mick Jones (Cincinnati Bengals)

Eric Gomez: Mason Lindholm (Indianapolis Colts)

Conor Ford: Sam Darnold (New York Jets)

Leighton McCarthy: Ramon Sanford (Tennessee Titans)

Mason Morgan: Zach Quigley (Oakland Raiders)





There is some big time speed at the top of this Halfback class as Trae Crosby and Clifton Farris both run a sub 4.4 40 yard dash and Andrew Livingston and Jimmy Nelson both ran a sub 4.5. Majority of teams are set at HB, but for the teams in need of a replacement HB or a starter are in major luck as this class is as electric of a class as we have seen from the HB position. The Eagles and Bucs are two teams I could see taking a chance on one of these HBs as they did not get much production at all from the HB position that they desperately needed.


Draft Comps:


Trae Crosby: Abdul Blackmon (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Clifton Farris: Antwan Holloway (Denver Broncos)

Andrew Livingston: Melvin Shepard (Buffalo Bills)

Nelson Cooks: Jordan Howard (Carolina Panthers)

Jimmy Douglas: Maurice Taylor (Jacksonville Jaguars)



Wide Receivers:


One of the best WR prospects we have seen is Martell Hollis out of UCF, with his ability to get down the field with his blazing speed and break off big play after big play he is just a nightmare for opposing defenses. This biggest critique on Hollis is his small stature at 5’10” and only 186lbs, but Hollis never let that get in his way before and I don't expect it to happen at the next level. The rest of the WRs are not any slouches, especially Nick Mullins who is known for working within the intermediate game from the slot. A very talented group of Wide Receivers at the top of this class continue to show how stacked this draft is on offense.


Draft Comp: 


Martell Hollis: Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs)

Nick Mullins: Tyler Boyd (Denver Broncos)

Deion Griffin: Antonio Callaway (Cleveland Browns)

Joseph Hewitt: Mike Williams (Los Angeles Rams)

Jameson Cherry: Dante Pettis (San Francisco 49ers)



Offensive Line:


In terms of depth at the position, this offensive line class is an extremely good class to need offensive line. I expect to see a huge run on OLine in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of tonight's draft as many teams are looking for starters and every team is looking for depth at the OLine position. The only downside is that no one jumps out at you so if you are the first team to select an Offensive Linemen you better choose wisely. 


Draft Comp:


Simon Batten: Dru Samia (Green Bay Packers)

Brian Brackins: Ray Wells (Los Angeles Chargers)

Mario Trejo: Quinn Hart (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Elliot Hollister: Hunter Dressler (New Orleans Saints)

Louis Kershaw: London Chatman (Atlanta Falcons)