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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
What's up coaches!

Here we are! Season 44 kicked off a couple days ago and we have been working hard on getting everything updated and together for kickoff, but that doesn't always happen! However, we are now here with a bunch of updates for you guys! We are pleased to announce the release of the MOF Season 44 predictions! 

  • • Season 44 Predictions by Chris Berman: http://www.mofleagues.com/columns/season44pred.htm

  • • Power Rankings by Jfon: http://www.mofleagues.com/powerrankings.htm

  • • Expert Picks: http://www.mofleagues.com/expertpicks.htm

  • • MVP Season 43 Vote Ballot, please everyone go vote on Season 43 MVPs: https://goo.gl/forms/KeEhJEDPQyyklvjy2

  • • Don't forget to send me your YouTube account if you haven't already. Right now i'm missing Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins, and Patriots. It is MANDATORY to get your game up to youtube with the correct tags #mofs44 and #mofteamname.

  • Below are the rule changes for Season 44, to view all the complete rulebook please visit www.mofleagues.com/rules.htm


    1.1.41 - Game Play Sliders: We will only post the ones that we will be editing
    Game Options - Injuries: 23

    2.1.2 - All coaches are expected to play a simulation style of football according to the teams that they play with, making the experience as close to the real thing as possible. We reserve the right to remove any coach who does not fit under the MOF style of football. Coaches that are believed to be scamming or exploiting will be notified and told to change their play style. Multiple violations will lead to removal.
    2.1.3 - We understand that with every edition of the game there are some AI glitches. It is nearly impossible to list and find all the AI glitches in every edition. However if you are found using an AI glitch, you will have a player suspended and you will be subject to further penalties possibly including removal. We take AI glitches very seriously and all cases will be handled accordingly.

    2.2.2 - When faced with a 4th down situation, you should be kicking the majority of the time. Our 4th down rules are more relaxed than most leagues, but that doesn't mean you can abuse these rules. If you are found going for a lot of 4th downs you could be subject to penalty including league removal. We still want to keep it sim. Here are our guidelines to follow when you are faced with a 4th down situation:

    You are ONLY allowed To Go For 4th Down In These Situations:

    • 4th and 2 or less on your opponents side of the field at any point in the game.
      - This rule applies to situations where it's too windy to kick a FG and too close to punt
      - This rule applies to teams winning and or losing at any point in the game

    • When there is 5 seconds or less left in the 1st half and you are in throwing distance for a hail mary. (Only from your 40 to your opponents 40 yard lines).

    • Losing at any point in the 4th quarter.

    • Losing by 28 points or more at any time in the game

    • End of game situations:
      - Tie Game - 4th Quarter - 4th and 4 or less - 3 Minutes or less - from your 45 yard line and forward

    2.2.3 - There are certain plays that we have guidelines on. These plays also cannot be used in excess as well as the following situations:

    • You CANNOT call a playaction pass on 3rd down or 4th down with 10 yards or more to go. (This includes calling a Playaction pass and bypassing the RB, WR, or TE animation or hot routing the RB, WR, or TE)

    2.2.6 - Icing the kicker is a mechanism built into the game to add drama and excitement to a game winning situation.

    • The only way to counter the icing the kicker mechanism is to call a timeout yourself on offense.

    • You are PROHIBITED to come out and spike the ball, take a knee, or call any other play that negates the icing the kicker mechanism. This will be considered an AI glitch. If you are found negating the icing the kicker mechanism, you will be subject to penalty up to removal.

    2.3.7 -
    Defensive Lineman Rules:
    A defensive lineman is defined as any defender that is on the line of scrimmage in a 3-point stance. Also known as a Down Lineman. Players that are standing on the line of scrimmage are NOT considered down lineman.

    • You ARE allowed to manually control a Defensive Lineman (Down Lineman) but ONLY for the purposes of rushing the passer.

    • You CANNOT manually drop a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. The only exception to this rule is if the defensive play that was called puts your defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage.

    • You CANNOT hot route a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. (Including covering Flats or to Spy)

    • You CANNOT manually move defensive lineman in any direction until the ball is snapped.


    We have seen too many coaches running up the score on their opponents to increase their confidence and XP, completely disregarding the mercy rule and sportsmanlike conduct. We have these rules below in place to follow if you do go up into the mercy rule threshold. We understand every game and situation is different so sometimes these rules will fall under a case by case basis. If these rules are not being followed you will be subject to penalties including player suspension and possible league removal.

    2.5.1 -
    If you are winning by 28 points or more at ANY point in the game, you can ONLY pass on 3rd and 10 or longer for a FIRST DOWN ONLY just to keep the clock moving. Other than that you ABSOLUTELY must run the ball and run the play clock down to 1. This doesn't mean you can run sweep and toss plays to try to get to the outside and score more. The object is to run a much time off the clock as possible without embarrassing your opponent by scoring more.
    2.5.2 -
    Once you are up by 28 points or more in the 4th quarter, you MUST substitute your #1 QB, #1 RB, #1 WR, and #1 TE out of the game. They cannot see the field again unless your opponent cuts the lead to two scores.
    2.5.3 -
    You are still allowed to score at your discretion, as long as you stay inside these guidelines. Scoring on defense, kick returns, and punt returns are also allowed at your discretion. However this will be watched closely, if you are found being "unsportsmanlike" and scoring unnecessary points, we will take action.
    2.5.4 -
    You are prohibited from allowing your opponent to score on purpose so you can keep your starters in. If we see that you are purposely letting your opponent score, you are subject to penalties and or removal.
    2.5.5 -
    On the flip side, if you are losing by 28 points or more at any point in the game, you are expected to keep your cool and stay focused on finishing the game. No one likes to be blown out, but it does happen. Jumping offside, running players out of the way, or taking anger out during the game will not be tolerated.

    3.4.2 - Rookie coaches coming in have to play 6 regular season games before they are allowed to make any trades.
    3.4.8 - There will be NO trading the day of the off-season player draft. Trades must be submitted and processed 2 hours before the draft begins. If you have a trade that is pending votes and the draft starts, that trade will automatically be vetoed and you will have to re-submit a modified trade offer.

    Free-Agent During Season
    3.5.6 -
    During off-season, after the player draft, we will go with the 1 free-agent per week format. You MAY NOT sign and release as many guys as you wish.

    3.6.1 - If you are slated to receive a sim win or forfeit win you have the choice to play the CPU however injuries will be on during your game. Refer to section 6 for the official rules on playing the computer.

    3.8.3 -
    We will NOT be playing pre-season games. The only exception is if we are testing game settings.

    - This league uses Groupme to communicate with each other. This blast is used to chat about anything, to schedule your games, and to have a good time. We have come up with certain guidelines that must be followed while on the blast:

    • You are no longer allowed to be on any Groupme chats during your game. The only exception to this rule is if you have a question about the rules. You can jump on the chat room and clarify a rule. If you are on the chat room during your game for any other reason, you will have a player suspended and possibly penalized further to the discretion of the staff.

    • There will be no misconduct onto others on the blast. We all bust on each other, but comments taken too far will not be tolerated.

    • If you are found breaking these codes of conduct, you will be reprimanded. We may revoke your blast privileges, suspend players, or remove you from the league entirely.

    12.1.2 - Broadcasting or Uploading your game to YouTube is MANDATORY: Please see section 13 for broadcasting guidelines.

    13.1.1 - It is absolutely MANDATORY that every coach streams or uploads their game to YouTube.
    13.1.2 - All coaches are required to disable their music in madden general settings. This is required to prevent YouTube from flagging your videos. Instructions to do so are here

    13.1.3 - If you are streaming live, you must post your broadcast link to the GroupMe chat room.
    13.1.4 - You MAY LIVE STREAM using Twitch however, you must upload your finished game to YouTube after. Instructions to do so are here

    13.1.5 - If you are uploading your game instead there are a few things you need to be aware of. You must change your save game video to 60 minutes. Save your game at halftime and then again after the game in case your game goes over 60 minutes. Recording can be started by hitting share twice and stopped by hitting share twice. Hit The share button again and select save Video clip. You have 24 hours to upload your game to YouTube after its completion. Instructions to save your game are here:

    13.1.6 - Every video will be required to be tagged with the following. #MOF(yourteam) example: #MOFPackers and #MOFS44WK(number) example: Week 2 of Season 44 would be #MOFS44WK2
    13.1.7 - We will be handing down player suspensions and or draft pick forfeiting for not streaming/archiving your games. Please refer to the player suspension / draft pick forfeiting section of the rulebook for the violation procedure.

    *HOW TO USE SHARE FACTORY FOR ADVANCED USERS* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liR0HS2_mqc

    Kind Regards,

    MOF Commissioner
    President | Madden Online Football
    Website | www.mofleagues.com
    MOF Radio | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLebFltjjPfLFLy5zL77v2bY1x0tOTdrIq
    Email | jdypko@gmail.com 
    Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madden-Online-Football-MOF/173217082699139
    Twitter | http://twitter.com/MOFps4

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