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MOF Radio - September 26, 2017

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Saturday, September 30, 2017
We haven't been able to send a newsletter in about a week because you guys are advancing so fast! Which is wonderful, we are well ahead of schedule so great job! With that said, we haven't been able to go through the broadcast tally's as fast as we want, so we're going to have to come up with a possible halfway point check and a full season check and figure out something else as far as player suspensions, so keep an eye out.

  • LAST NIGHT WE EARLY ADVANCED TO WEEK 7 REGULAR SEASON: Again, great job to everyone getting all your games in. 

  • MOF RADIO: SEASON 42 - EPISODE 1 IS UP: http://www.mofleagues.com/radio.htm Rob Powers our long time radio host is back with his first edition of Season 42!!! 

  • WEEK 7 EXPERT PICKS HAVE BEEN UPDATED: http://www.mofleagues.com/expertpicks.htm

  • POWER RANKINGS WILL BE UPDATED MONDAY: And every Monday, Jfon will be updated our Power Rankings.

  • BE SURE TO CHECK COLUMNS PAGE PERIODICALLY: Our staff members have been writing columns here and there , be sure to check them out on the home page. www.mofleagues.com and under columns you will see the VIP lounge and Go Deep!

  • WE UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES WITH THE GAME AND ARE WORKING ON SOLUTIONS: Listen, we hear everyone loud and clear. We know the game is flawed with the pass reaction on defense. Some say competition mode is the way to go, but there are no injuries in that mode. Some say sliders are the way to go as well. We are working diligently on a solution for Season 43. Unfortunately nothing can be changed this season, since we are mid-way through, but in the off-season we will come up with a solution to make everyone's game experience better. Just bare with us! 

Now for the suspensions. We will look over everyone's broadcast to make sure they broadcasted their game, it is mandatory for Away and Home to do so. 

Note for YouTube users, your games will be flagged and deleted by YouTube if you have any kind of music playing during your stream. So either disable the music, or start your stream when you pass the matchup screen and end your stream before you get back to the main menu. 


This section will be any additional suspensions, like rule breaks, etc. 


  • *Please note i will be sending out newsletters on Mondays and Thursdays before we advance if there are games that have not been played during the current week and they require suspensions they will be pushed to the following week*

Below are the rules that have been changed for the upcoming season, be sure to know them! 


2.1.5 - Playbooks
 - You are no longer allowed to use Custom Playbooks. You must use a NFL stock playbook from the game itself. You are allowed to use any NFL stock playbook however we will be banning the following playbooks based on the fact that they do not have enough formations:

  • Run N' Shoot

  • Pistol

In addition you MUST show your opponent your playbook before your game starts. This way we can confirm you are not using a custom and using a stock PB that is not banned.


2.2.2 - When faced with a 4th down situation, you should be kicking the majority of the time. Our 4th down rules are more relaxed than most leagues, but that doesn't mean you can abuse these rules. That being said, these are our 4th Down Rules:

You are ONLY allowed To Go For 4th Down In These Situations:

  • 4th and 1 or less on your opponents side of the field at any point in the game.

  • Situations when it's 4th and 2 or less inside the opponents 40 to 30, where the wind is making it difficult to kick a field goal

    • Wind factor, if it's too windy to kick a FG (8 mph or higher and direction cannot be at your back)

    • IF this situation comes to fruition, you MUST pause the game. Tell the chat room that you are going for a 4th and 2 or less inside your opponents 40-30 because of Wind factor.

  • When there is 5 seconds or less left in the 1st half and you are in throwing distance for a hail mary. (Only from your 40 to your opponents 40 yard lines).

  • Losing at any point in the 4th quarter.

  • Losing by 28 points or more at any time in the game


2.4.5 - You are ONLY allowed to use ONE fake kick per game (Punt, FG, XP). 


3.2.1 - If a coach deliberately makes moves that sends their team into "Cap Hell" and then quits or is removed, we will clear the cap penalties for the new coach coming in. This is the only reason we would clear cap penalties for anyone.


3.3.2 - Position Changing

You may NOT put any players other than K at the Kicker position
You may NOT put any players other than P at the Punter position


3.5.10 - During the season you are allowed to sign 1 player per advance before you play your game.
(Signing players off a teams practice squad will count towards your 1 player signed for the week. You also cannot trade or drop that player in the same season, just like the free-agent rules)

3.5.11 - However if your team suffers an injury that is longer than 1 week, you may sign an additional player per injury. Please let a staff member know that you will be signing more than 1 player, and make sure your roster is always at 53 , no less.


14.1.1 - Every new release of Madden we will conduct a draft for your team for the upcoming CFM.
14.1.2 - The draft will be conducted through a lottery system using: http://www.draftpicklottery.com explained below
14.1.3 - You will have 2 hours once the clock has started, to make your selection. You can make your selection via text, email, forum pm, or groupme. If you feel like you might miss your deadline, you can always send me your top teams that you would like via email, groupme, or text message. (We will not count the hours from 12am-8am EST)
14.1.4 - If you miss your selection, you have until the end of the draft to make your pick at anytime.
14.1.5 - We will position you in 8 groups:

  • 1st group - Veterans that did not make playoffs all of previous edition of Madden

  • 2nd group - Veterans that made playoffs less than 50% of previous edition of Madden

  • 3rd group - Veterans that made playoffs 50%-99% of previous edition of Madden

  • 4th group - Veterans that made playoffs 100% or more of previous edition of Madden

  • 5th group - Veterans that did not play all seasons in previous edition of Madden

  • 6th group - Rookies who played in previous edition (Rookie = any coach who has not played 16 regular season games in MOF)

  • 7th group - Returning veterans who did not play in MOF previous edition of Madden

  • 8th group - Rookies who never played in MOF before

14.1.6 - Inside each group, you will be sorted by ACTUAL regular season games played. Which means if you have any at fault sims or forfeits they will deduct against your "TOTAL ACTUAL GAMES PLAYED" for example if we play 4 seasons of an edition, there will be a total of 64 regular seasons games played. If you have 4 at fault sims/forfeits your total actual regular season games played will be 60. The higher the number, the higher your position. Ties will be broken by last seasons record (worser record = higher pick) then previous seasons points for (lesser points = higher pick).
14.1.7 - From there we will have a draft lottery. Depending on which number you fall into in your group, you will get a set number of chances to get the #1 pick. So if you are a rookie coming in, you will be in the 32nd position only receiving 1 ball. If you are in the first group, with the least amount of at fault sims, you will get the 1st position receiving 32 balls.
14.1.8 - You will be able to purchase balls through Venmo or GoFundMe with all proceeds going towards the league. It will act as a donation, and you can purchase 1 ball for $1.
GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/inh2ng
Venmo: https://venmo.com/?txn=pay&audience=friends&recipients=jdypko@gmail.com¬e=MOF Donation
14.1.9 - We will broadcast the lottery picks live on youtube for everyone to see!

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
President | Madden Online Football
Website | www.mofleagues.com
MOF Radio | http://www.twitch.tv/mofradio
Email | jdypko@gmail.com 
AIM | MOFCommissioner
Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madden-Online-Football-MOF/173217082699139
Twitter | http://twitter.com/MOFps4

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