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Monday, March 27, 2017
What's up coaches! 

Power Rankings will be updated Thursday by Jfon: http://www.mofleagues.com/powerrankings.htm

  • Expert Picks updated by Leet and JFon: http://www.mofleagues.com/expertpicks.htm
  • Be on the lookout this Thursday for a playoff column written by yours truly.

    Also if you guys are having trouble contacting your opponents please get to a staff member before the deadline day so we know how to handle whats going on. 

    We have mentioned a few times before this season started that we will start giving out player suspensions for coaches who break any rules in the rulebook. Including not streaming. The staff and i have conducted the following player suspensions which means these players CANNOT see the field whatsoever. I will be determining which player(s) are suspended depending on who the most important player on your team is:

    Teams that broke rules in Week 11

    • • Zero

    Please note we are now suspending players for teams that are NOT ARCHIVING their broadcasts. Whether it be twitch or youtube. If you need help with that , please contact us

    Teams that did not stream, upload, or archive their game for Week 11:

    • • Cleveland Browns - Did not stream/archive their game vs Cincinnati
      ○ QB: Ryan Tannehill (78 overall) will be suspended Week 12 v New England
      ○ This is the Browns 4th missed stream this season - losing 5th rd pick

    *Please note i will be sending out these newsletters on Mondays and Thursdays before we advance if there are games that have not been played during the current week and they require suspensions they will be pushed to the following week*



    3.3.1 - Roster minimum - You must have 53 players on your roster when we begin each season. If you do not have 53 players on your roster, you will be prohibited from playing any games until you get to that number. If you are not at 53 before the season starts, you may sign as many free-agents as you need to get to that number. However you CANNOT drop a handful of guys just to sign a handful of guys.

    3.3.2 - Position Changing - First and foremost anytime you want to change a players position you MUST let the staff and Commissioner know and you MUST fill out a position change form. The staff and Commissioner must review ALL position changing before it is approved. If you change positions without telling anyone, you will be forced to change the player back or possibly risk further penalties.

    If you want to change positions of players throughout the season or in the off-season, it must be realistic and you must follow these guidelines:

    • You cannot put any players other than QB's at the Quarterback position

    • You may NOT interchange RB's and TE's

    • You may NOT interchange WR's and RB's

    • You may NOT interchange WR's and TE's

    • You may NOT put a LB with 85 speed or higher at DL

    • You may NOT interchange DBs and LBs

    • You may NOT put a CB with a 90 speed or higher at Safety

    There is one exception. If that player has played that position in the NFL or college then the staff might approve that change. For example, Aldon Smith at LB or DE

    3.3.4 - You MAY NOT change any players names. You can change players equipment and numbers but you MUST follow the NFL rules with jersey numbers:


    3.4.10 - Trading current season draft picks on draft day will be prohibited because of time constraints. If for some reason a trade is proposed with a current draft pick involved and it doesn't get voted on fast enough, that trade will be automatically vetoed. So be aware of when you propose you trade if its close to draft time.

    We are choosing to skip the round of scouting players, we do not need 24 hours to spend 200 points. You spend scout points all season long, so we are deeming that unnecessary. Any position changing must be done before the season begins:


    3.8.3 - You MAY NOT play the CPU during the pre-season. If your opponent cannot play, the game will be simmed.


    5.1.1 - We will now be allowing coaches to play the CPU if their opponent is unavailable because of a vacation or any other PLANNED absence. Please follow the guidelines in section 6 Rules for Playing the CPU.
    5.1.2 - If you're down 21-0 early in the game there will be a pop up that says "Tough Game? We've noticed that you're having a tough game. Seems like we have matched you with an opponent above your skill range. Do you wish to concede early?" Under no circumstance shall you concede a game, conceding a game is illegal in the MOF. You must finish it out.
    5.1.3 - Under NO circumstances are you allowed to quit during a game. That includes forcing any kind of disconnection by "grieving". If you do quit a game, you will be disciplined accordingly. This also includes "friendly quitting" and conceding games. You must finish league games out. If you are having any kind of unruly experience with your opponent during a game, pause the game and get a staff member involved on GroupMe.
    5.1.4 - You MAY NOT choose to forgo playing a game for draft pick purposes. If you are found doing this, that will be subject to removal.


    While we always aim to field a 32-user league at all times, playing against CPU games are sometimes inevitable either due to a team vacancy, or your opponent being on auto-pilot. In any case, we expect all our members to follow the standard sim rules vs CPU, and the outcome of their game be as realistic as possible. So we have conducted the following guidelines to follow when playing against the CPU:

    6.1.1 - You MUST notify a staff member before you start a game vs the CPU
    6.1.2 - Gameplay will stay on All-Madden and injuries will also stay on
    6.1.3 - You MUST stream the game and archive
    6.1.4 - Do not restart the game, UNLESS approved by a staff member
    6.1.5 - Do not use super-sim
    6.1.6 - Play sim. Do NOT abuse money plays, mix up your play calling
    6.1.7 - Any time you are up by 35 points vs CPU, you must bench your starting QB and RB for the DURATION of the game.
    6.1.8 - You are NOT allowed to win a CPU game by more than 35 points
    6.1.9 - Do NOT intentionally let the CPU team score and get back into the game so you can continue to score on offense and pad your stats
    6.1.10 - You cannot surpass the following thresholds per player, if you reach these thresholds you must remove that player from the game no exceptions:

    • 400 yards passing by your QB

    • 200 yards rushing or receiving by any player

    • 5 total combined TDs by your QB

    • 3 total combined TDs by any position player

    • 4 sacks by any player

    • 3 interceptions by any player

    6.1.11 - If you break any of these guidelines we will refer to the player suspensions section in the rulebook.


    You will receive player suspensions for violating rules or requirements. You will be notified officially via email on what rule or requirement was violated, what player will be suspended, and for how many games. In the official email we will determine which player(s)  has been suspended, for how many games, and what week that player(s) will be re-instated. Failure to adhere to the suspension can result in multiple suspensions, draft pick forfeiting, or MOF termination. Please observe the following guidelines to player suspensions:

    8.1.1 - Violating any rule in the MOF rulebook will result in a player suspension. Depending on how many times you break 1 rule or if you break multiple rules you can have multiple player suspensions. There are ONLY two ways to determine if a rule was broken

    • Video evidence posted by a coach in an official complaint

    • If an MOF staff member witnesses the rule violation while watching a live stream

    • This also applies to the "Rules for playing CPU" as well

    8.1.2 - Violating the code of conduct of the league will result in a player suspension. If you are on groupme or texting an opponent you must follow the code of conduct on how to behave. We can see if you are violating the code of conduct by looking through the groupme chats, or receiving a text screen shot from your opponent. If you are continually violating the code of conduct it may result in draft pick forfeiting or MOF termination
    8.1.3 - Violating the Mandatory Streaming/Uploading games rule. We have come up with a system to follow when this rule is violated:

    • 1 missed stream or upload will ALWAYS result in a 1 player suspension.

    • 3 missed streams or uploads will result in a loss of your 5th round pick in the upcoming off-season player draft

    • 6 missed streams or uploads will result in a loss of your 3rd round pick in the upcoming off-season player draft

    • 10 missed streams or uploads will result in a loss of your 2nd round pick in the upcoming off-season player draft

    • 11 or more missed streams or uploads will result in a loss of your 1st round pick in the upcoming off-season player draft

    • If you go the entire season without streaming or uploading your games you will lose your top 3 picks in the upcoming off-season player draft.

    • If you trade your draft pick before you reach any of these thresholds, the MOF staff will come up with a customized solution which could include losing your entire draft

    • The way we will "forfeit" your draft pick will be to trade your pick to a team in the top 10 of the draft. There will be a lottery system for that pick and the winner will trade their 7th round pick to the coach who violated these rules

    * If you violate any of these guidelines multiple times, the MOF staff has the right to remove you completely from the league *


    13.1.1 - It is absolutely MANDATORY that every coach streams their game. Once your stream starts you MUST post your URL to your streaming page in the GroupMe Main chat room
    13.1.2 - The ONLY exception to this rule is if your download speed is less than 5mb per second, or your upload speed is 3mb per second or lower. If this is the case, you must provide a screen shot of your network connection test on PS4 and send it to a staff member prior to your game.

    • If you cannot stream because of your internet connection, you MUST save your game and upload it to youtube. You will have 24 hours to upload your game once its completed. Instructions to do so are here:

    13.1.3 - You also need to archive your streams, whether you use twitch or youtube. I suggest creating a youtube account and making playlists for the current MOF season and uploading your twitch archives to youtube. I also suggest using youtube exclusively for your live streaming games, it will auto archive.

    • We have a tutorial on how to archive your streams in twitch and uploading them to youtube. HERE

    13.1.4 - We will be handing down player suspensions and or draft pick forfeiting for not streaming/archiving your games. Please refer to the player suspension / draft pick forfeiting section of the rulebook for the violation procedure

    Kind Regards,

    MOF Commissioner
    President | Madden Online Football
    Website | www.mofleagues.com
    MOF Radio | http://www.twitch.tv/mofradio
    Email | jdypko@gmail.com 
    AIM | MOFCommissioner
    Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madden-Online-Football-MOF/173217082699139
    Twitter | http://twitter.com/MOFps4

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