Jets Rested Coming into Week #7

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Here are some players Jets should consider adding to roster - New York  Daily NewsJets Rested Coming into Week #7

The Jets are looking to get back on track with this season after an early bye week. Multiple players reported that Coach Duran gave them the week off to rest so that they could get their heads in the game and ready to play. As fans we hope the Jets can narrow down and get some wins that are much needed. This week they will take on the Titans who they lost to last season but in a pretty close matchup. We talked to Coach Duran and asked him what he thought about this game. He replied “I believe that we can win this one. We will need to no make some of the mistakes that we made last season against them which included 4 interceptions. Even with those turnovers we was in the game but without them we win the game.” The team is also excited about the return of DE Ford who was hurt early in the week #1. He returns this week to help shutdown RB Henry. If the Jets can stop with the turnovers and get Guice going they have a pretty good chance to win this game but it will take some work as Coach Roclo are looking to make a statement win that they want to make the playoffs.