MOF Season 61 Game of the Week

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MOF S61 Week #5 Game of the Week

It is already week #5 in the MOF. As we steam ahead with this season we have a power house matchup in the AFC West Coach Enzo and the Chiefs vs Coach Knighnolesand the Broncos. The Defending Superbowl Champions are looking to repeat but have the difficult schedule. The Broncos are 8-1 against the Chiefs but the Chiefs have the talent to take on the broncos. Both teams are looking to make a move and this will be the one that the Chiefs need to help make sure they can make it to the playoffs.

Breaking down the Chiefs

The Chiefs lost a tough one last week to the ravens but they are still 3-1. With a subpar win against the Steelers and a dominating performance against the Bucs Coach Enzo will have to find a middle ground to get his team to stay on track for the playoffs. Offensively the Chiefs have Mahomes at quarterback who is looking good with a 72% completion and 1,318 yards with 11 touchdowns through 4 games. With Hill and Hardman it’s hard not to have that many yards. They are accounting for 844. The running game could be better but again when you have Hill and Hardman why would you run the ball. Edwards-Helaire is still having a decent season averaging 4.4 yards a carry. The Chiefs defense looks solid. DT Jones is tied for the lead on the team with 10 tackles which is awesome for them because he is getting pressure and stopping the run as the defense is 3rd in the league against the run. The secondary has 19 interceptions which leads the league through 4 weeks.

Breaking down the Broncos

The Broncos look like they could be untouchable with how they have been playing. With wins against the Chargers, Bengals, Bills and Bucs. They will be taking on the Chiefs for the first time this season and it should be one to watch. Jenkins is looking better as this season through the 3 played games he only has one interception with 6 touchdowns. Jenkins only has 49 completions on the season for 663 yards. Seams low for him so far. Hamler and Sutton are accounting for 303 yards of that on 17 receptions. The defense is pretty balanced and is led by MLB Foster who has 16 tackles and 3 interceptions with 1 forced fumble through the 3 games played. Overall the secondary has 10 more interceptions to go along with that and with the ball hawking Coach at the helm it could be more.

Keys to the Game

As much as the Chiefs are going to want to throw the ball. I believe that in this one they will need to get Edwards-Helaire going to open up that secondary. If they can’t do that I think that Coach Knightnoles and the secondary will jump in the interception category. On the other hand with Jones at DT they could also bring some pressure and force Jenkins to throw so interception that could bring the Broncos down also. This game is one of the top games of the season because of the high powered offenses but at the same time the defenses will play a huge factor.


Broncos 28-17