MOF Season 61 Week #7: Game of the Week

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Patriots vs. Rams - Game Recap - February 3, 2019 - ESPN


MOF S61 Week #7 Game of the Week

Week #7 in the MOF has come extremely quick. This week we will have a couple of Coaches that are looking to make some waves in MOF Season 61. The rams made the playoffs last season and are looking to return. The Patriots are looking to redeem themselves after the disappointing second half of their season. This season through week 6 both teams only have one loss and looking to make it to the playoffs. The Rams led the AFC East by 3 games and the Rams are a game back of the Cardinals in the NFC West but still have both the games against the Cardinals to go this season.

Breaking down the Patriots

The Patriots sit atop the AFC East and it appears that they will take it easily. As long as they continue to play good ball it should be. Though it could be a rough road ahead of them. Mayfield is only completing 59% of his passes and is prone to throwing just as many interceptions as he does touchdowns. Through 6 weeks Mayfield has 1173 yards on his 65 completions. The rushing game is looking a little weak as Michel is averaging just over a hundred yards a game. With 561 yards on the season it would seem decent but 330 of it basically was 2 games versus the Jets. Meaning he isn’t producing much against other teams. If you’re playing the Patriots you better watch for Smith in the passing game as he leads the team in receptions and in yards with over 40% of Mayfields yardage at 484 yards. The defense is led by MLB Bowman who is just stumping offenses in the run and passing game. He has 19 tackles with 5 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles. The defense also has Baber in the secondary who is one of seven players with more than ten tackles and also has 5 interceptions.

Breaking down the Rams

The Rams offense has been pretty potent. Goff has completed 111 of his 160 passes for 1326 yards through 6 games. You should watch the short game as hes only averaging 8.5 yards a completion. At the same time you will have to watch the run because Akers is looking good running for 728 yards on his 119 touches and has 9 touchdowns. Goff definitely likes to target Kupp and Thomas who combine for 55 competitions and 706 yards of Goff. The defense is pretty balanced all around. They have 18 interceptions which you would think would be more with the defensive pressure they get. I say that because they have 17 sacks on the season. Eight guys have 10 plus tackles with 5 of them having 20 plus. They are led on defense by Ramsey who has 21 tackles and two interceptions and don’t let that number full you because he is making his team look great by forcing them into other guys because of his X-Factor.

Keys to the Game

For the Patriots to win this game they will have to break the balance of the Rams. They will either need to force the Rams to throw the ball or force them to run the ball. If they can’t stop either then they only have a slim chance to win this game. For the Rams to win this game they will need to make sure to keep the pressure on Mayfield as he is prone to make mistakes, but to do that they will need to make sure Michel doesn’t get his X-Factor going because he is almost impossible to stop when he has it. So if they can stop him from running the ball and force Mayfield to throw it then they will have the best chance to win this game.


Rams 31-24