Passing Yards

Philip Rivers

New York Jets 48772017

Zac Covington

New England Patriots 46882017

Matt Ryan

Atlanta Falcons 46432017

Johnny Manziel

San Diego Chargers 45522017

Matt Ryan

Atlanta Falcons 44352019

Rushing TDs

Matt Jones

Washington Redskins 272018

Carlos Kaiser

Minnesota Vikings 252019

Devonta Freeman

Houston Texans 202019

Lamar Miller

Houston Texans 202017

Devonta Freeman

Houston Texans 192018

Pass Receptions

Bennie Fowler III

Washington Redskins 1102018

Allen Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars 1062018

Eric Decker

New York Jets 1012017

Randall Cobb

Green Bay Packers 1012017

Odell Beckham Jr

New York Giants 962018

Defensive Sacks

J.J. Watt

Houston Texans 242020

Von Miller

Denver Broncos 232018

Joey Bosa

San Diego Chargers 222019

Justin Houston

Kansas City Chiefs 222019

Cameron Jordan

New Orleans Saints 212017

Passing Touchdown

Johnny Manziel

San Diego Chargers 422017

Matt Ryan

Atlanta Falcons 372017

Ben Roethlisberger

Pittsburgh Steelers 362017

Blake Bortles

Jacksonville Jaguars 352017

Johnny Manziel

San Diego Chargers 342019

Rushing YPC

Knile Davis

New Orleans Saints 7.22017

Devonta Freeman

Houston Texans 6.12018

Jeremy Hill

Cincinnati Bengals 5.92018

Melvin Gordon

San Diego Chargers 5.82017

Devonta Freeman

Houston Texans 5.72019

Receiving TD

Bennie Fowler III

Washington Redskins 252018

Allen Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars 192017

Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons 172017

T.Y. Hilton

Indianapolis Colts 162017

Allen Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars 152018

Defensive INTs

Luis Reese

Houston Texans 192019

Miles Killebrew

New Orleans Saints 182017

Ryan Shazier

Pittsburgh Steelers 152018

Nigel Brackens

New Orleans Saints 152018

Rey Maualuga

Cincinnati Bengals 142017

Rushing Yards

Matt Jones

Washington Redskins 19002018

Lamar Miller

Houston Texans 18142017

Matt Jones

Washington Redskins 17282019

Melvin Gordon

San Diego Chargers 16522017

Devonta Freeman

Houston Texans 16112019

Receiving Yards

Allen Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars 22622018

Bennie Fowler III

Washington Redskins 22502018

Allen Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars 20192017

Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons 17932017

Odell Beckham Jr

New York Giants 16912019

Defensive Tackles

Cortez McCauley

Oakland Raiders 832019

Ryan Shazier

Pittsburgh Steelers 802017

Lascelle Sidbury

Indianapolis Colts 792017

Brandon Marshall

Denver Broncos 782019

Dont'a Hightower

New England Patriots 772019


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