Join Nate and several different CFM leaders as they discuss the EA Play conference and Madden 18. The guys ask questions, talk about the community and what can we do to bring us all together.

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by nathan.lejeune | 2017-06-25 | 0 Comments

Join Nate and several different CFM leaders as they discuss what SIM means to their community. The roundtable brings up some great points and the conversation will continue on the next few podcast.

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by nathan.lejeune | 2017-05-20 | 1 Comments

I remember the first time I rented NBA Jam. I can’t tell you what system it was for or what year it was, but I can tell you that I remember the feel of that game like it was yesterday. The insane dunks, the fireball three pointers, the quick turbo boost and breaking the backboard if your good enough. Well, if you like ...

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by nathan.lejeune | 2017-05-19 | 0 Comments

And we are back with our MLB The Show 17 roster updates! As much requested from the community we will be providing you once again with the latest info on the most recent roster updates for MLB 17. As we did last year, we will try and keep this short, sweet, and to the point. For the full list of changes, that will always be at: http://daddyleagues.com/dd/17/attributes?date=2017-05-19

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Join Nate and several different CFM leaders as they discuss the Madden 18 teaser/trailer that dropped today. The guys discussed what they gleaned from it and what they expect to be in the new game.


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by nathan.lejeune | 2017-05-13 | 2 Comments

EA Sports recently released news that it will be changing game engines from Ignite to Frostbite. This exciting news should be a great addition to an already improving game series. If you have ever played Battlefield, FIFA or even Need for Speed, then you have experienced the Frostbite engine in full affect. Frostbite will give developers a whole new set of tools to affect th...

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by nathan.lejeune | 2017-02-09 | 6 Comments

Maybe it's the rumors on twitter or too much turkey (Happy Thanksgiving) but it feels like the right time to talk some Madden here at DaddyLeagues! Lots of great CFM's are in year 2, 3 and even some - 4. With the addition of years comes the remake of older teams, the destruction of cap strapped teams and the introduction of Madden generated rookies. CFM's can look dramatically...

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by nathan.lejeune | 2016-11-24 | 5 Comments

Just a quick update about the latest update fixes that your Madden 17 path will do for you. I personally didn't notice a lot of these fixes, but it will address a lot of game play issues and some details for your CFM. If you play a solo CFM, there are some nice fixes around pausing and resuming games. Here are all the fixes:


• Tuned Wide Receivers dropping wide open passes to be less frequent

• Auto-Moves now set...

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by nathan.lejeune | 2016-10-04 | 2 Comments