Top 10 Madden Rookie Ratings

by nathan.lejeune 4 years ago

In less than 5 days NFL teams around the country will begin to report to training camp, which means football will be in the air. The boys of the summer are about to have some company, as people are firing up their fantasy football leagues, and most of all, the Madden community is ready to see some ratings. Over the next few weeks we will look at the good, the bad and the ugly. Today we are going to look at the top 10 rated Madden 17 rookies. Love them or hate them, these are the out of the box ratings which some of us are getting.

#10 – Deforest Buckner (RE – 49ers)

The first round selection of the depleted 49ers roster comes in with a 78 overall rating. He carries with him 86 tackle, 87 hit power, 83 power moves, 82 block shed, and 84 pursuit as his top ratings. The 6’7”, 291 pound play maker will pair nicely with last years rookie sensation Armstead. This team has been broken badly by injuries and retired players, but they are building together a nice roster with smart picks. Buckner looks to be an out of the box stud. He’s going to be a tackling machine who can get off of blocks, chase down ball carries and smash anyone he comes into contact with. He will make a nice piece to a rebuilding 49ers defense and defensive line.

#9 – Hunter Henry (TE – Chargers)

I’ll state the obvious here, the Chargers owners should be extremely happy with this list and their rookie class as a whole. The 6’5”, 250 pound Tight End out of Arkansas has been turning heads at mini camps and evidently at EA also. He will bring with him to San Diego 84 speed, 89 acceleration, 80 agility, 82 jump and 80 catch. This kid will make all Charger owners very happy and I’d expect to see a lot of passes to the tight end when you play the Chargers. He’s a mismatch nightmare for anyone that you place on him. He’s got plenty of speed to get by most linebackers, but great acceleration to get away from those who are faster than he is. His size and speed combination are only enhanced by his ability to jump up and snatch those high pointed passes. His 80 catch is more than respectable and with only a slight bit of work, this guy will be a connected franchise stud.

#8 – Corey Coleman (WR – Browns)

The 5’11”, 185 pound wideout from Baylor was is a projected playmaker who the Browns are hoping does just that. He takes to Cleveland with him, 93 speed, 93 acceleration, 90 agility, 93 jump and 91 spectacular catch. This guy has everything except that plus 6 foot height, but he’s got all the other skills to be a real player in the NFL and Madden 17. Coleman does need a little work on his 80 route running, but its more than adequate enough to get his rookie season rolling. The 91 spectacular catch is amazing for anyone, much less a rookie. This kid should be able to jump up and make some amazing grabs for whomever the quarterback is, who is throwing him the ball.

#7 – Jack Conklin (RT – Titans)

Jack Conklin is a former college walk on from Michigan State and now Titan. He’s taking his talents over to the south where he will sport 84 run blocking, 82 pass blocking, 84 strength, 81 impact blocking, 72 speed and 81 acceleration. With those speed, acceleration and impact blocking skills, Conklin should be a beast on the screen plays to the right side. I don’t love the fact that EA seems to always be a lot tougher on real life NFL rookie offensive linemen and yet creates monsters in their drafts. Conklin isn’t strong, needs work with both pass and run blocking and probably won’t have super high awareness, which leads me to think he could lowered to just being a career Madden 17 backup and not a full time starter – at least for a while. Titans fans, I am sure, are disappointed.

#6 – Laremy Tunsil (LG – Dolphins)

The story of day 1 in the NFL draft was all about the Laremy Tunsil drama which surrounded the pour kid. Thankfully that is over and he is now in South Beach, where he looks to anchor the offensive line for the Dolphins. The 6’5” tackle/guard combo from Mississippi will sport 81 run blocking, 84 pass blocking, 88 strength, 83 impact blocking and 65 speed. I really expected his impact blocking to be in the 90’s, but EA stiffed him a little bit. He’s not the prototype LG that you look for in Madden and will need some work. My concerns with these ratings are the same for all rookie Madden 17 offensive linemen – not strong enough and need too much work. I guess time will tell.

#5 – Joey Bosa (LE – Chargers)

Joey Bosa from THE Ohio State University, really almost came out of no where this offseason. The 6’6” defensive end still remains unsigned, but it didn’t stop EA from giving him some monster ratings for a rookie. He will be making Charger fans happy with 84 finesse move, 80 power move, 80 speed, 82 block shedding, and 84 pursuit. He’s got everything that you look for in a defensive end. This guy won’t be sitting on 79 overall very long and should be a Madden 17 monster for a long time to come. Let’s hope the real life chargers get even 75% of what the Madden 17 Joey Bosa has. Well, that and a contract.

#4 – Roverto Aguayo (K – Buccaneers)

Roberto Aguayo comes into the NFL with the most hype for a kicker since the Raiders selected Sebastian Janikowski, from the same college over a decade ago. He will be sporting 92 kick power and 94 kick accuracy. The Bucs will have their special teams leader locked up for many years to come. I will admit though, I expected to see his kicking power slightly higher, but 92 is nothing to be ashamed of.

#3 – Ronnie Stanley (LT – Ravens)

The Ravens selected Ronnie Stanley with the 6th overall pick out of Notre Dame. Stanley has impressive size and will have 83 run blocking, 86 pass blocking, 82 strength, 83 impact blocking and 66 speed. There always seems to be a pattern with out of the bock ratings that not many LTs can run block and not many RTs can pass block, yet their Madden generated rookies usually can do both and are studs with the strength. I worry the same with Stanley as I do the other offensive linemen on this list – low strength to be long term answers on the offensive line.

#2 – Ezekiel Elliott (HB – Cowboys)

Ezekiel Elliott may have fell in the draft but he comes up big in Madden 17. The running back out of THE Ohio State takes some serious talent to Dallas. He will have 92 speed, 90 acceleration, 91 agility, 86 carry and 91 ball carrying vision. Elliott becomes one of the top running backs in the league and will have an 80 overall rating right out of the box. With that offensive line in Dallas, this guy will be scary. Look out online games – Dallas will be a popular choice with these new run game adjustments.

#1 – Jalen Ramsey (CB – Jaguars)

Everyone always hopes for a stud in Madden, once their team drafts in the NFL, but only a few teams actually get on. Jaguars fans – you got one. The corner back from Florida will have 93 speed, 94 acceleration, 90 agility, 85 man coverage and 84 zone coverage. Basically, you stick him on the #1 wide out and forget that he’s out there. This young man will be shutting down whole sides of the field for a long time to come in Madden 17.

So that’s our list of the top 10 rated Madden 17 rookies. What are your thoughts? Who did you love, who did you not like and who disappointed you? Let me know where you agree and disagree – we’d love to hear from you. Come back in a few days and we’ll take a look at the top 5 from the offensive skill positions.

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