Daddyleagues Madden 16 Elite Leagues

by nathan.lejeune 4 years ago

Daddyleagues Madden 16 Elite Leagues

Once the dog-days of summer hit, only the dedicated and few Madden-maniacs continue to hit the gridiron. For those who are still pounding away at the controller, that means less and less good and active leagues to choose from. Daddyleagues is truly your one stop shop to fill all of your Madden 16 franchise desires, as we introduce the Daddyleagues Madden 16 Elite Leagues. 

This complete set of 30 leagues for both PS4 and XB1 are the elite of all Daddyleagues. If you're looking for activity and a league that you know you can count on, then look no further than this list. These are the leagues that you want to be a part of, as we finish up Madden 16 and move into Madden 17. 

Daddyleagues takes pride in being the best solution for all of your Connected Franchise needs and providing a solid pool of potential owners to choose from. The Elite Leagues are those leagues which embody the true Madden gamer spirit - all madden - all the time. We thank those leagues who are still going strong for being a part of our community here at DaddyLeagues and if you're new here - welcome to the best Madden community around. 

Take a look around our Daddyleagues Elite list and find one that fits your style, today!


GratwickBills 4 years ago

Real curious what the qualifications were for making this list considering half of these leagues are still in their first or second seasons. Then there's a league like the GML that plays All Madden+, 12m quarters, been on DL since Madden 25, oh and we're on season 2026. I guess we don't kiss enough ass around here.

Maddenbomber 4 years ago

Haha. Relax

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