Madden 17 Top 5 Defensive Positions

by nathan.lejeune 4 years ago

Rankings have now been out for a few weeks and it's my turn to take a look at the top 5 defensive players at each position. Take a look at my top 5 offensive players here. Let's get started with the men up front!

#5 - Oliver Vernon (RE Giants)

Vernon is your fifth best defensive end on Madden 17, at 91 overall. He brings 81 speed, 87 acceleration, 97 power moves, 80 finesse moves and 95 block shed. This guy is a monster coming off the edge and has all the moves that you are looking for. The Giants users will be very happy to stick him out there and let him just go eat offensive tackles alive.

#4 Mike Daniels (RE Packers)

Big Mike Daniels is your fourth best defensive end in M17. He is a 3/4 type of end and brings 75 speed, 88 strength, 96 finesse moves, 93 block shading and 86 pursuit. Daniels has enough speed to track down tosses and sweeps, yet is strong enough to not be pushed around when teams attack him. Daniels also have tons of ability to get off the block and get you 4-6 sacks a season. Daniels will be 92 overall.

#3 Brandon Graham (LE Eagles)

We finally get our first left end on this list, as Brandon Graham comes in at number three in M17. If you've played Madden franchises for a while, then you've either traded for Graham or tried to trade for him, as he's always been a guy who's caught your eye. In M17 he brings 80 speed, 87 acceleration, 97 power moves, 87 finesse moves, and 91 pursuit. He will have a 92 overall rating. He's full of moves and plenty of speed to get around the corner. Brandon will be making plays for Eagle users right out of the box.

#2 Jurrell Casey (RE Titans)

At number two, we get another 3/4 defensive end - Jurrell Casey. Casey will have 91 strength, 92 block shed, 98 power moves, 88 pursuit, and 89 play recognition. Casey will anchor a rebuilt Titans defensive line and look to make plays in both the rushing and passing attack. Look for Casey to eat up offensive tackles and get off blocks to stop any attempt at a rushing attack that an opposing team may try. He will be 93 overall.

#1 J.J. Watt (RE Texans)

I am totally shocked and astonished by this rating. I can't believe that Watt would be #1 or 99 overall. /sarcasmoff Really though, this guy is not human. He will have 97 strength, 98 block shed, 99 power moves, 92 finesse moves, and 97 pursuit. Throw in 78 catch and you've got a stud. The Texans will forget that they even have other defensive linemen on the field, because JJ will just go to work and get you 10-15+ sacks a season, with little or no effort.

#5 Kawann Short (DT Panthers)

Time to look at our big guys in the middle, clogging up rushing lanes and getting holes opened for linebacker blitzes. Kawann Short will show up in Carolina with an 92 overall. Kawann will have 70 speed, 85 acceleration, 87 strength, 95 power moves, and 93 block shed. Short will be anything but short. He will push the pocket and put much more pressure than you would expect from a defensive end on the quarterback.

#4 Ndamukong Suh (DT Dolphins)

Sorry Dolphin fans, I know we were hoping for the number one position - but it's not going to happen after his struggles last season. Suh still brings a 93 overall rating with 73 speed, 83 acceleration, 98 strength, 95 power moves, 92 block shed. Suh still has all the tools and even though he's getting slightly older, he will still make plays for you in M17. He's strong as a horse and has super great quickness still. Look for Suh to make plays, or be a great trading piece, early on in franchises.

#3 Fletcher Cox (DT Eages)

This one surprised me a bit. Yes I know that Cox is a good player, but I didn't expect him to come in at number three and 93 overall. Fletcher has great athleticism just like the other guys on this list. He comes in with 79 speed, 86 accerlation, 86 strength, 97 power moves, 90 block shedding. Fletcher is strong in the middle, but has enough speed and other moves to play other positions and stay on the field for all three downs.

#2 Geno Atkins (DT Bengals)

Then was paid in the NFL a few years back, and it shows why in M17. Geno will be 94 overall and have 79 speed, 85 acceleration, 90 strength, 98 power moves, and 93 block shedding. Geno has all the stats that you would want in the prototype defensive tackle. There are few players who can take over a game on the defensive side of the field, but Atkins is one of them. Geno will be making a ton of plays for Bengals users in M17..

#1 Aaron Donald (DT Rams)

A-Aron made it at number one - congrats Rams fans. Sorry your team left. Donald is a tremendous monster. I would begin to question how McCoy didn't make this list, but as a Saints fan - I am thankful. Donald is 98 overall. He will have amazing, 83 speed, 90 acceleration, 94 strength, 98 power moves, and 98 block shed. This kid is young, he's fast, he gets off blocks and he's as strong as a horse. Put him at 3/4 defensive end, 4/3 defensive tackle, maybe even linebacker - it doesn't matter, just keep him on the field.

#5 Jamie Collins (MLB Patriots)

Time to turn our attention to the 'sexy' guys for M17 defensives - the linebackers. People like them fast, like them quick and like them strong. Let's take a look at who ranks where for M17. Coming in at number five, Jamie Collins gets an 88 overall for the Patriots. Jamie will have 85 speed, 92 tackle, 96 jump, 93 power moves and 91 pursuit. Jamie can make all the plays the you want and will be one of those players that good users will just eat your offense alive with. There isn't much he can't do, whether it's making plays in the middle, covering backs out of the back field or rushing the passer - Jamie is a three down backer.

#4 Bobby Wagner (MLB Seahawks)

The Seahawks are known for a great, strong and fast defense and Wagner comes in at number four with an 88 overall, and keeps that going for the Seahawks. Bobby will have 88 speed, 88 acceleration, 92 tackle, 92 jump and 91 pursuit. Bobby has all of the tools that you want. He's one of the most perfect middle linebackers that you could want. He's got the speed to cover most players on offense, including some wideouts. Wagner will be rushing passers, intercepting passes and tackling ball carries.

#3 Derrick Johnson (MLB Chiefs)

Johnson may be the oldest linebacker on this list, but the guy has been doing this for a long time and at a high level. The speed is trying to leave him, but he still comes in at 90 overall with 81 speed, 96 awareness, 94 pursuit, 96 play recognition, and 87 zone coverage skills. Derrick can still cover most tightness and is smart enough to just make every play that you want. With 87 zone, you can forget trying to make those passes in the middle of the field.

#2 Brandon Marshall (MLB Broncos)

These are some really great middle linebackers. Brandon Marshall holds it down for the Broncos defense at number two on this list. He will be 90 overall with 85 speed, 87 acceleration, 91 pursuit, 91 play recognition, and 81 zone coverage. Marshall is a younger, quicker version of Johnson. He can make all the plays the you want and is the perfect type of linebacker to stick in the middle of your defense and leave him out there for every play.

#1 Luke Kuechly (MLB Panthers)

Number five is not a shocker to anyone with half a brain. Even half, you probably still guess this one correctly. Luke will be 99 overall with 86 speed, 93 block shading, 98 pursuit, 98 play recognition, and 89 zone coverage. Luke is the man and there's nothing he can't do. Luke can and will make every single play that you want. He'll be shutting it down for a long time and all of M17. Enjoy Panthers users - enjoy.

#5 Dont'a Hightower (ROLB Patriots)

Time to look at the pass rushers and blitzers on the outside. Don't Hightower comes in at number five with an 90 overall. He will have 83 speed, 88 acceleration, 88 power moves, 89 pursuit, and 87 play recognition. Don't still has a ton of speed to cover the flats and tightends down the field. He can stay on the field for all three downs and just make plays for that, older, but still solid defense.

#4 Pernell McPhee (LOLB Bears)

You're first 3/4 linebacker on this list is Pernell McPhee. He will be an 92 overall with 76 speed, 92 strength, 97 power moves, 88 finesse moves and 94 block shed. Pernell can really hammer offensive lines but can also get after the pass rusher with the best of them. McPhee will be needed for a rebuilding Bears team, but don't plan on running his way and you better chip block him to protect your quarterback.

#3 Khalil Mack (LOLB Raiders)

Khalil Mack could be the most explosive and young linebacker in M17. This kid has every told you want and will have a rating of 94 overall. He has 87 speed, 89 acceleration, 98 power moves, 88 finesse moves and 93 block shedding. Mack can cover every back or tightend that you can ask him to, he can play every linebacker position, he can rush the quarterback, he can put his hand in the ground - he can do it all! This is the kid that every team wants and will be a force for Raider users.

#2 Justin Houston (LOLB Chiefs)

The Chiefs will have one of the more explosive linebacker corps in M17. Justin Houston will be 97 overall with 83 speed, 86 acceleration, 98 power moves, 91 finesse moves and 93 block shedding. He can get after quarterbacks with the best of them but still has the speed to cover tightends. He has power but he can spin move with the best to get around the corner. Look for Houston to make some great plays for the Chiefs defense. Just enjoy it season 1 or 2, because it's getting older - quickly.

#1 Von Miller (LOLB Broncos)

The number one players on defense have not been a shocker so far and with outside linebackers are the same. Von Miller comes in with a 99 overall rating and the number 1 outside linebacker in M17. He will have 87 speed, 89 acceleration, 92 power moves, 98 finesse moves and 95 block shedding. Von is the Super Bowl MVP and the top OLB in the game because he has speed and play making ability. He can do it all and there really is nothing else to say. Go enjoy him - he will be fun to have on your team.

#5 Darrelle Revis (CB Jets)

Time to turn the corner and look at the playmakers on the back end. These are the guys that we pay a lot of money to create turnovers and make offenses think twice about coming across the middle. Coming in at number five on the cornerbacks, the old man - Darrelle Revis with a 91 overall. He can't run like he used to, but he can still cover with the best of them. Levis will have 89 speed, 92 acceleration, 89 agility, 90 man coverage skills and 86 zone coverage skills. Revis can possibly still hold down the outside, but look for Jets users to move him over to safety.

#4 Patrick Peterson (CB Cardinals)

PP7 has fallen just a hair for M17, but he's still a 91 overall. His age means that his stats are taking a slight hit, but he will still have 93 speed, 92 acceleration, 97 agility, 92 man and 89 zone coverage skills. PP7 can still shut down the best of them and with his size, speed, catching ability and even return skills, Peterson can make plays for you in more ways than one.

#3 Richard Sherman (CB Seahawks)

Richard Sherman has made a name for himself over the year, as being a loud talker who can back it up between the sidelines. In M17, he should be able to continue that for Seahawks users. Sherman will be 92 overall with 89 speed, 90 acceleration, 96 agility, 88 man and 94 zone skills. Sherman has size to make up for his lack of speed and will be one of the smartest cornerbacks in the game. Playactions won't fool him.

#2 Chris Harris (CB Broncos)

Chris Harris comes in at number two for M17. He will be 93 overall with 91 speed, 90 acceleration, 96 agility, and 94 man and 93 zone coverage skills. Harris can run and is one of the best cover corners in the game. He's almost as close to a shut down cornerback as you will find in the game and he possesses all of the skills that are needed to shut down the opposing number one wideout. Broncos have one of the best NFL and M17 defenses that you will see.

#1 Josh Norman(CB Redskins)

I am sure M17 Redskin users were gleaming when Josh Norman decided to hit the free agent market and sign with Washington. Josh will be a 94 overall, 90 speed, 92 acceleration, 92 agility, and 92 man and 97 zone coverage skills. Josh has really come, almost, out of no where to become the number one corner back in M17. Put him in a zone and watch him bait quarterbacks into bad throws.


#5 Morgan Burnett (SS Packers)

Time to look at the thumpers of the back four in the defense. Strong safeties are a fading group and really hard to find a great one in Madden, so let's see who the top five are. The Packers users will get Morgan Burnett with an 85 overall as the fifth best strong safety in M17. He will posses 87 speed, 89 acceleration, 84 agility, 75 man coverage and 83 zone coverage. Burnett has great coverage skills to guard the tightends in the NFC and plenty enough speed, at his position, to cover enough space.

#4 T.J. Ward (SS Broncos)

T.J. Ward is one of my favorite M17 safeties in the game. He gets big hits, great grabs and can cover. Ward will be an 85 overall with 88 speed, 91 acceleration, 82 agility, 70 man and 82 zone coverage skills. Ward can hold his own with a lot of the tightends in the league, but will make his money killing players who come across the field. Put Ward in the box and watch him make plays for Bronco users.

#3 Patrick Chung (SS Patriots)

I'll be honest, this one makes me laugh. I can almost hear every Eagles fan in the NFL screaming about this guy being a bum. Chung will be 86 overall with 87 speed, 92 acceleration, 82 agility, 75 man and 86 zone coverage. Chung can run and has really good coverage skills. Could even play some free safety if needed.

#2 Kam Chancellor (SS Seahawks)

The Seahawks users will be really happy with this defense - they are simply stacked. Kam will anchor down an already loaded team, by being one of the biggest thumpers in M17. Kat will be 91 overall with 87 speed, 87 acceleration, 83 agility, 67 man and 79 zone coverage skills. Not the be coverage safety that you will find, but if you stick him in the box and let him make plays, then there is no one better. Kam will do what he needs to do in zone, just don't stick him one on one with any tightend or even retired tightends in the league.

#1 Reshad Jones(SS Dolphins)

Reshad Jones, yep, Reshad Jones is your number one strong safety in M17. What happened to all of the great safeties that we grew up watching? Either way, Dolphins users will be happy with Jones 93 overall, 87 speed, 89 acceleration, 86 agility, 70 man and 81 zone coverage. I worry about all these safeties running skills, but Reshad can do his best to make plays. He possesses all the skills to play in the box or even get deep in cover 2.


#5 Malcolm Jenkins (FS Eagles)

Now it's time to get to the real playmakers in the back four, and as a Saints fan, it pains me to do this first guy. Malcolm Jenkins comes in as the number five free safety at 92 overall. He will have 86 speed, 92 acceleration, 90 agility, 78 man coverage and 91 zone coverage. Saints fans around the world are screaming - over-ra-ted! He's a playmaker and Eagles users will be glad to have him. He has enough speed to cover deep and plenty of smarts to trick quarterbacks into bad throws.

#4 Earl Thomas (FS Seahawks)

Earl Thomas comes in at number four for your M17 free safety rankings, and rounds off one of the best defenses in the games. Thomas has been making plays for years now and it should be no different in M17. He may be my favorite FS in M17. He will have 91 speed, 93 acceleration, 93 agility, 78 man coverage and 89 zone coverage. Thomas can cover in man and zone and has tons of speed to make plays from sideline to sideline. Cherish him, Seahawks users - the guy is a stud.

#3 Eric Berry (FS Chiefs)

Eric Berry will be your number three free safety in M17. Chiefs users will need to resign him, due to his one year contact, but the older vet will be a stud for you. He will have 91 speed, 90 acceleration, 87 agility, 81 man and 89 zone coverage to round off one of the top safeties that you will find. This guy can make every play you would want your FS to make. He can play sideline to sideline, he can cover and he can play zone. He's a thumper and a true playmaker.

#2 Harrison Smith (FS Vikings)

Harrison Smith is the back end guy for a young, fast and up-coming defense over in Minnesota. Smith will be 94 overall (second best) with 87 speed, 91 acceleration, 87 agility, 71 man and 88 zone coverage. Smith is the type of safety that you just let cover deep and go make plays on balls in the air. Vikings users will be very happy to let him roam back there and pick off quarterbacks all day.

#1 Tyrann Mathieu(FS Cardinals)

If you've read any of my other articles, you'll know how much I love my LSU Tigers. Mathieu will round off, what might be, the best S/CB combo in the league for the Cardinals. Mathieu will be your best rated free safety with a 96 overall. He will have 90 speed, 93 acceleration, 94 agility, and 96 man and 95 zone coverage skills. That's pretty sick. This kid can cover anyone you want him to cover, has speed to play sideline to sideline and quiet possibly, just maybe, be the best defensive player in M17. You lucky Cardinal users!

Overall Thoughts

So there is all of your top five ranked defensive M17 players. What are your thoughts? Who are you excited about having and who are you going to try and trade for? Some good players and some players who make you scratch your head. Should make for a fun M17. Leave me your comments and thoughts.

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