New M17 Features - Big Decisions & Game Planning

by nathan.lejeune 4 years ago

Madden 17 is less than 8 days away and we want to make sure that we cover a few more of the new features with more details. The big impression so far this offseason has been customization and control. EA is really listening to it’s community and is giving us more control and more customization over our teams and CFM’s. Today we are going to cover a few parts of the big decisions and game planning. Let’s get right into this today.

Big Decisions

Big decisions include things such as injuries, signings, goals, practice squad and other weekly aspects of your team. You will have controls over deciding how your team reacts and what they do in many different situations and aspects of your team.

These decisions begin with your season goals as a coach. In M16 these goals were predetermined for you and there was no real control over which direction you were going as a team. That has all changed now as you get to decide if you’re a young team who’s building for the future and keeping your goals small and obtainable, or is your team set to make a run at the championship and you want those lofty goals? Well, that’s all up to you in M17.

Injuries in M16 would happen and you would be set to losing that guy for that amount of time. In M17, this is now a part of your big decisions as a coach and general manager. Your team doctor will now tell you when you can bring a player back early from injury and make them fight through it, what that will potentially cost you and what benefits come from making him sit out longer. You also have the opportunity to quickly see who that players back up is and how the adjusted injury stats will compare to your primary backup.

Big decisions also introduce us to one of the brand new features of practice squads for every team. If you’re tired of cutting those borderline rookies or even players who have nice potential, just because they are buried on your 53-man roster and can’t make the team? Well in Madden 17, that struggle is over. Every team now has a 10-man practice squad which you can carry. Each player will have a lower level contract and will continue to get XP and will be able to be groomed, until they are ready for the 53-man roster. Watch out though, because other teams can sign your players at any time, as long as they put them on their 53-man roster. A cat and mouse game that will surely be fun to participate in.

Contract signings and resigning’s are also improved. The new player cards and layout allow owners to quickly estimate what a player is worth and if that player can improve your team. Resigning’s won’t be so easy in M17, as players who see less playing time will be less likely to take your low ball offer, just to stay on your team. Instead, they are going to want to prove themselves and get a better contract. You’re free agents have also changed, as most of your top tier free agents will now sign in the first week, leaving teams scrambling over the left-overs in free agency. Players will also give you feedback on your contract, which will help you adjust and make the most of your opportunities. Points will also be awarded on contract offers, in another effort to help you see where you stand on your potential contracts offered. Different reasons give you more points to potentially sign your free agent. Things such as salary, bonus, coaching, location, etc.

Lastly you will be able to pick what three players will earn extra XP each week. Whether you want to get that young quarterback more XP or the aging veteran offensive lineman who is hanging on to their career? This year, that decision is totally up to you. You get to decide who gets what and how your team is built.

Game Planning

M17 will also give us a new and improved way to get our teams and players ready for our games each week. They have given us game planning, which will include the offensive and defensive game plan for that week, which is created from the tendencies of the team your facing that week. Each offensive and defensive game plan will offer us a pleura of drills which to choose from. When you run that drill you are able to earn XP depending on the metal (Bronze, Silver and Gold) which you earn.

Another nice addition is that once you earn a metal for a specific drill, you are able to sim that drill the next week and receive that metal’s worth of XP, automatically. In addition, when you see that same play as your drill, in your play calling screen during the game that week, you will receive a small boost in XP since you were successful in your game planning. You can also choose to sim the game plan and receive the bronze metal automatically. So if you’re crunched for time, you can run the same drills which you were successful with in the past, and earn that XP for that week.

Each drill also is associated with a position grouping which includes those two positions that work together on that play. Passing plays will be quarterback and wideout or tightend, while running plays will be for running backs and offensive linemen. It also works the same for defense.

Overall Thoughts

There’s nothing here that I don’t like. The new game planning sessions sound absolutely awesome. To see the tendencies of the team that you play that week and be able to earn XP and even an XP boost for your game that week for that play, sounds like a really great opportunity to get your team ready for your game that week.

Also the new big decisions are exciting to read about. The more chances that you have to build your team the way which you want and give each owner more control over their players, rookies and the different strategies which owners can use to build a championship team – the better!

I am really pumped about M17 and can't wait to get it in hand. What, in these new additions, are you most excited about? Leave us your thoughts.

Here is where I have found some of my research and a great place to get more input:

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• Sports Gamers Online: https://www.youtube.com/user/sportsgamersonline

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