DaddyLeagues Winter Invitation Tournament

by nathan.lejeune 3 years ago

NFL Football may be over, but Madden Communities everywhere are just hitting their stride. With the cold day's of winter come the hopes of a warmer summer and MORE football! So your friends at DaddyLeagues is here to help scratch that itch. We'd like to introduce the DaddyLeagues Winter Invitational Tournament.

Each person selected to participate in our tournament was selected based on margin of victory and strength of Schedule, from their league. The DaddyLeague's Winter Invitation Tournament will be a tournament of SuperBowl champions to compete for the top title of the DaddyLeagues Superbowl Champions.

There will be prizes for both console tournaments, which include $400 in tournament prizes, $150 for the winner, and $50 for the runner-up. All participants MUST use the GroupMe chat, to help with ease of communication and timeliness of gameplay. 

Stay tuned for some great Champions action and more information! Invitations drop on Monday.

XONE Invite Link: http://www.daddyleagues.com/tournaments/9-XONE_Superbowl_Winners
PS4 Invite Link: http://www.daddyleagues.com/tournaments/11-PS4_Superbowl_Winners

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Redsoxnation58 3 years ago

So when will we know the participants?

K-Roc10 3 years ago

Throw me in the PS4 bracket, please. daddyleagues.com/themainstage ... K-Roc_10

SteelersCed 3 years ago

Is it to late to enter

SteelersCed 3 years ago

I have 3 Champions in my league if I can enter one inbox me on how to do it

Kyle_54516 3 years ago

We have 3 champions as well how do we find out if we qualify?

LukeBrittain08 3 years ago

2-3 champions in my league. how many can we enter?

Travis_63738 3 years ago

Trey436 ps4 I want in.

BKBlitz 3 years ago

Sons Of Madden want to send our representative!

WhyHateEJ 3 years ago

DXFL has 4 Superbowl winners that would like to enter

Papi83dm 3 years ago

Invitations will be sent out today.

Commishmikke 3 years ago

I want to nominate a player from my league

Prime-Time000 3 years ago

I would like to be invited to the tourney, PSN is Prime-Time000 from the SML

K-Roc10 3 years ago

No invite... bummer.

Poohty_t 3 years ago

The invites have been sent out. Commissioners , please have all your superbowl winners check their inboxs on DL . They only have 1 more day to accept the invite .If they dont , then they will be knocked out and other invites will go out . So please have your superbowl winners know they need to check their inboxes on DL for the invite ASAP.

Mofcommissioner 3 years ago

We have some long time champions here as well, can we enter more than one?

SteelersCed 3 years ago

I have a Lg Champion here name Spencer Gille daddy league username is.... Spencer_85654

ChiTownSuperFan 3 years ago

Surprised we didn't have a representative from BL. We've got a guy that's won a super bowl in three leagues and he didn't get an invite.

Poohty_t 3 years ago

Its not about how many superbowls a person has won guys. Its about the strength of schedule they had the season they won . It has nothing to do with how many someone has won. Also , it is very appreciated many are interested in this tournament. Its DL first attempt at one, and if things go well, there will be others to follow. Many people want in, but for a first attempt, space will be very limited considering how many leagues are on DL. Thanks to everyone for your interest, Papi is trying to do his best here. Lets all support this cause, in it or not, for the success of it, and for future Sim Tourneys hopefully to come.

Mjsavermadden 3 years ago

Where's the accept button lol

Jeffreyjetson 3 years ago

Where's the /loc rep? SEND ME THE BOWL!

MadSkillsFranchise 3 years ago

Mad Skills has a 3-time super bowl winner. The only multiple time winner in league history. How do you let a 3x Champion of a top 20 league not receive an invite? Come on now...

Poohty_t 3 years ago

as stated before - it has nothing at all to do with how many superbowls anyone has won. It was based of what it states above : "Each person selected to participate in our tournament was selected based on margin of victory and strength of Schedule, from their league. " There are a ton of leagues here, and only 32 spots.Its understandable many want in. Hopefully if this one goes well, more slots can be added in future tourneys.

Colelegacy11 3 years ago

Are there any spots open still?

SteelersCed 3 years ago

Good luck with the tourney hope to see this again in the future

JustinGoins 3 years ago

I've won 7 Super Bowls since January of 2017 send me an invite

Chipdouglas413 3 years ago

lets go superman www.legacyleagues.com > all

OGthottyJohnson 3 years ago

I'm coming for the crown

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