DaddyLeagues Winter Invitation Tournament

by nathan.lejeune | 1 year ago | 27 Comments |

NFL Football may be over, but Madden Communities everywhere are just hitting their stride. With the cold day's of winter come the hopes of a warmer summer and MORE football! So your friends at DaddyLeagues is here to help scratch that itch. We'd like to introduce the DaddyLeagues Winter Invitational Tournament.

Each person selected to participate in our tournament was selected based on margin of victory and strength of Schedule, from their league. The DaddyLeague's Winter Invitation Tournament will be a tournament of SuperBowl champions to compete for the top title of the DaddyLeagues Superbowl Champions.

There will be prizes for both console tournaments, which include $400 in tournament prizes, $150 for the winner, and $50 for the runner-up. All participants MUST use the GroupMe chat, to help with ease of communication and timeliness of gameplay. 

Stay tuned for some great Champions action and more information! Invitations drop on Monday.

XONE Invite Link: http://www.daddyleagues.com/tournaments/9-XONE_Superbowl_Winners
PS4 Invite Link: http://www.daddyleagues.com/tournaments/11-PS4_Superbowl_Winners

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