RJ’s Predictions 2K19

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AFC North


This division will be one of the toughest in the leagues this year as the Ravens, Browns, and the Steelers come out with big wins In Week One of the 2019 season. I will pick the Baltimore Ravens to win the division (now that they have a serviceable QB) with the Cleveland Browns not too far behind. At least  2 teams will make the playoffs in this division. My only wildcard is the Steelers, they started the season insanely hit with 55 points, they could muddy up my predictions and make the playoffs.. definitely a team to watch out for. I see Bengals as a rebuild squad as the sophomore year QB Vick figures out the offense. 



AFC East


Ooh man, one of the toughest divisions in the league. Patriots are the early favorites as Tom Brady has yet again returned for another season to chase the Lombardy trophy (man needs to retire) and sliced the young Miami secondary in week 1 along with an incredibly destructive run game led by Blount. I predict that there will be at least 2 teams from this division that make the playoffs despite the tough schedule. The Jets and Bills have a great passing attack while Miami has the reigning rushing title. Patriots will repeat their division championship. It will definitely be interesting to see how this division pans out as the race to the playoffs gets closer.



AFC South


This division is top heavy with 2 playoff caliber teams and 2 rebuilding teams. I predict the Jags will finally take that next step this year with an all time elite secondary. They added Patrick Peterson to an already scary defense and showed off what they can do as a unit with 6 interceptions in the first game against a well respected Broncos passing game. The only thing they have to worry about is their rushing attack as Saquan Barkley was injured week 1 and will be out for a significant time. The Titans also made a lot of noise this past offseason by signing big free agent names such as Beasley and Clowney to an already impressive defense. The biggest question mark is their QB, this will be a make it or break it type year for him. If the Titans can get leads early, their defense should propel them to wins. I predict the Jags will win the division over the Titans in a close race.  The wildcard teams predicted above will have to keep a close eye on these teams as their position will be threatened by one of these playoff caliber teams. The Colts and Texans need to figure out what went wrong last season and rebuild. I would love it if one of these 2 teams proved me wrong this year. 


AFC West


This is low key a very talented division. The Chiefs are coming off a 15-1 season from prior year but will face a much tougher inter-division competition. The new and improved Chargers look great with a shut out victory over the Vikings, the Broncos will have an up and down season depending on how the Rookie QB performs and develops. The Raiders look strong with a big win over the Packers in week 1. I predict the Chiefs should still be able to hold on to the divisional crown with the addition of superstar Jarvis Landry to round out their passing attack for the strong armed Mahomes. I have the Chargers/Raiders finishing closely behind the Chiefs, and Broncos as last in the division due to the rookie QB having struggles. I will not sleep on the Broncos user though, he has the potential to steal this division as well and make some serious noise in the playoffs. 


With so many talented teams in the conference and so many tight divisions, the fight for the wild card spots will be very ugly. I predict the wild card teams will each need to have atleast 12 wins. 





NFC North


I have to be honest here and say this is a cupcake division. All 4 teams seem to be in rebuild mode with big question marks on both sides of the ball. The Vikings cannot figure out how to use the future hall of famer Aaron Rodgers and have forgotten how to run the ball with the uber talented Dalvin Cook. Even with the great talent on defense, this team needs a lot of work offensively before they could be considered a playoff team. The Packers continue to struggle in deciding how they would like to rebuild by signing a 40 year old QB (Drew Brees) while having 4 other young QB’s on the roster. They did acquire very talented players in the offseason (Mclendon a freak athlete RB, Trey Hendrickson star outside linebacker, and Marcus Williams- talented young safety) Big question is whether the players acquired were worth the draft picks traded. Only time will tell. I don’t see this team going far until they figure out what’s happening at the QB spot. The Lions had a great draft and great start to their rebuild efforts as they have potential franchise players in Nash Ackerman and De’Ariuz Arnoux. I see good things in their future but a playoff spot is not one of them unfortunately. I think the Bears take this division again as they have a playmaking defense along with superstar RB Jordan Howard. It looks like they are finally ready to hand over the keys to Trubisky as he stars in his first game of 2019 with 300+ yards and 4 TD’s with 0 Ints. They should easily win this division with no interdivisional threats.





NFC East


Best/Hardest division in the league hands down. Reigning SB Champions-  Redskins still seem very hungry to repeat and are the team to beat with an impressive 321 point differential last year. I predict they will retain their division title and are poised well for another deep run. Eagles will be a dangerous team this year as Baker Mayfield prepares to take the next step in Year 2. The only question marks this tram has is the running game and whether the addition of Samaje Perine will elevate them to the next level. This team should definitely make the playoffs and challenge redskins for that #1 spot. The Cowboys are an interesting team with a talented user. They had a great offseason and are committed to rebuilding this team to be able to compete in this brutal division. I see them winning 8-10 games this year but missing out on the playoffs. The Giants- very talented.. but always taking exams and FL’s. This is an X factor team as the user was the first to win an SB. If he is able to play all his games he should be a threat to make the wildcard and potential to go far in the playoffs. 






NFC South


This division is the property of the NO Saints. They had an incredible 5 first round picks. It’s a scary and genius strategy to build on an already great team. With a stable franchise QB, management is able to shift talent around and still be able to compete. They did however trade some young and promising talent away which could hurt them in the short run but could pay off in a big way in the long run. Their run game will suffer and Knight will be asked to step up for another MVP caliber season. I predict they win the division and make some noise in the playoffs. I do also predict that there’s a chance they rage quit and leave the league if they make an early playoff exit due to pressure of the monkey on their backs. The Falcons were excellent last season and have added Kamara to an already explosive offense. They do have immense pressure to win now as their franchise QB is aging and the fans want results. I see potential in this team to make the playoffs in the wildcard and surprise a lot of people with their continued improvement. The Panthers look poised for another mediocre season as they trade their Franchise QB AGAIN 2 years in a row. The fans are irate and question if management really knows what they are doing. Defensively this team has a lot of talent as their second year superstar linebacker looks poised for a monster season. This team will fight every game and keep it very close, but with the instability at QB, I don’t see them making the playoffs this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did fight their way to a playoff spot past the Falcons. It will all depend on how Jimmy G gels with the new system. The Bucs are just a shit show right now. They are the new Browns of the league.. expect nothing but memes from this team. I expect them to continue to fail and burn since they still haven’t learned to use QB Wentz. Mr. Meme shows small improvement but not ready to win more than 2-3 games yet. 



NFC West 


Oh man the most confusing division in the entire league. This division isn’t the best in football but they definitely will be very competitive. Each division game will carry a lot of weight as the only person making the playoffs is the division winner. I predict the Rams to retain this title but it won’t be easy.. especially with a Rookie at QB.  I predict the Seahawks will be a close second with their sophomore TE looking to be the next “Gronk” and Russel being Russel. I want to see Cedric Mays take the next step and not go into a sophomore slump. He won’t be able to succeed until the coaches figure out how to use superstar David Johnson. The defense also took a big hit by losing Patrick Peterson. This team has a lot of soul searching to do. I predict they will have an up and down season but won’t win more than 9 games. The SF 49ers started the season off right with a BIG win over the Seahawks. So far it looks like the trade for Derek Carr has paid off. This team is my X factor in the division. With a strong run game, a young and hungry defense, and finally a legitimate franchise QB; they are poised to make some noise this year.


In total, I think the playoff teams are mostly predictable in the NFC but will love to see some surprises in Year 3 as lots of young talent has been infused.