Dolphin's Coach's Corner

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As the season approaches, we sit down with coach Gase in an interview about last season, and what to expect from the Dolpins this upcoming season.


Let's talk about the Dolphins last season, at 3-4 the Dolphins looked like a struggling team trying to find its identity. What did you do to turn it around, and what do you hope to carry into next season?


Gase: I think the coaching staff, myself included, let the guys down early in the season. We tried to mix some things up on defense, we tried to ask Matt Ryan to play like a 27 year old quarterback. We just made too many mistakes, too many big plays, and too many interceptions. We decided to go back to the basics on defense and ask our quarterback to get the ball out of his hands quick and make the right read. I am really proud of the way the guys turned it around, though it didn't end the way we hoped, we hope to not dig ourselves in such a hole early next season.


With the loss of Ajayi, you had a major hole to fill at running back. There was a bit of surprise when you took Gregory Womack in the 2nd. You also took a back in the 4th. What can you tell the fans about what to expect from these two?


Gase: Thunder and lightning! With the changes in our offensive line, we wanted a bruiser who can pound the ball between the tackles and fight for every yard. We watched Greg (Womack) closely at his last few years at Wisconsin. We loved his ability to fight through contact. And talk about lightning, this Gilbert (Berhe) kid is a rocket. At Fresno, every time he touched the ball, you could feel the excitement in the stadium. We are going to a fun offense to watch.


Let's talk about Free Agency, of course everyone is excited about Diggs, but what else can we expect from this class of free agency?


Gase: Can't say enough about Diggs. What a signing! We really wanted to focus on improving our offense. We know how good our defense was last season, but we couldn't quite figure things out on the other side of the ball. I think our problems started at O-line. When we lost not 1 but 2 quarterbacks to season ending injuries, I wanted to fix that. We have to protect our QBs. When we talked with Chance (Warmack) and Nicholas (Hall) we knew we found those missing pieces. These guys know football and I think we will see a big turnaround.


What can we expect from the Dolphins this season?


Gase: Defensively we are just going to keep doing what worked. We know how good Ecker and Devine have been at linebacker. We loved Radovich at defensive end and I think he is going to make an instant impact from day 1. On offense we are going to pound the ball, limit turnovers and protect our quarterback. I love this team and I think we are going to be competing for the AFC east title again.


Last question before I let you go, I know you are a big soccer fan. The world cup is just around the corner, who do you got?


Gase: I have to go with France. I was always a Thierry Henry fan growing up, and I have followed them ever since. I think after the heartbreak of the 2016 Euro final on their own home soil, they are going to come back for revenge. I think Mbappe becomes a household name and I got Griezmann scoring the winner in the final over Germany 2-1.


Well you heard it here 1st, 2-1 to France. Thanks coach and best of luck this year!


Gase: Anytime. I can't wait to get started with the guys. Fins up!


Tune in next week as we interview White Goodman, captain of the Purple Cobras, a top team in the newly formed World Dodgeball League.