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by nathan.lejeune 2 years ago

With the dog days of summer in full effect the summer months brings us lots of heat, vacations, drinks with umbrellas in them, Madden release news, and the completion of many Madden 18 CFM seasons. Along with those great additions, the summer months also brings us the DaddyLeagues top 20 and Elite Leagues list!


DaddyLeagues own customized formula of 50% traffic from September to June 1st, 10% forum posts, 10% blog posts

20% members, 10% seasons completed are all compiled together to give an average score of every DaddyLegaues hosted CFM. That formula was then graded on each month and that average produces the top 20 rated XB1 and PS4 leagues, which include the best of the best - The Elite Leagues.


Keep an eye open for the top 20 list to drop within the next few days, but before we do, here are the top 5 rated XB1 and PS4 leagues to wet your appetite. 


XB1 Leagues:


• RedZone

• DWHO 17



PS4 Leagues:

• RML2017


• T200R


• UE


Stay tuned for the full list, the official Madden 18 Elite League list, and the Madden 18 XB1 and PS4 League of the Year Awards.


Bobonautt 2 years ago

MBL is #1!

CO1ONELSAND3RS 2 years ago

Awesome, let's keep MBL in the #1 spot!

Brandon_73625 2 years ago

Glad to be apart of MBL!

Pride1ncarnte 2 years ago

Glad to be part of the MBL

Supalinny11 2 years ago


Knivezout 2 years ago

MSR ?? Top Dogs

Delvar 2 years ago

Grats to all the leagues up there. Lets go MSR!

Knivezout 2 years ago

Well emojis don’t work lol MSR Are Top Dogs

RedemptionxGaming 2 years ago

MSR setting a new standard

Thecajunnacho78 2 years ago


KolbraKai 2 years ago

Msr coming up quick already the best

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