Week 2 | LA gets big win, Injuries Continue

by Pride1ncarnte | 9 months ago | 0 Comments |

In the wake of a win over the Baltimore Ravens, LA manages to not stay healthy. Kieth Curtis is out again for 5 weeks, but LA has to figure out a way to run the football more effectively. The scheme we used for preseason worked very well but if we cannot stay healthy, it will play a key role in how effectively we move the football. Our starting QB Wendell Ellison went down early in the game but our backup Miles was able to do enough to help our guys win. Going down the stretch, we need to be able to maintain our health and play sound football. Our schedule is not as tough as last season especially toward the end, so we will get our guys healthy as possible to be able to compete for a playoff spot. Playoffs are our goal as well as winning our divison.