ICEY Review

by nathan.lejeune 3 years ago

Mention button mashing, Wii, and a game called ICEY all in the same sentence to a hardcore Madden player and you should probably expect a look back at you that says "get outta here with that", but the hack-n-slash game of ICEY for the Wii actually brings in some entertaining elements for a quick, easy-to-learn game that brings in a nice change of pace from the strategic sports game grind.


In ICEY you play as ICEY, a robot humanoid who is programed to do one thing - kill Judas. Who is Judas you ask? Well that is going to take you some time of playing to find out, and along the journey you'll learn more about ICEY and the reason behind her existence. ICEY does have a quick learning curve of only a few combinations of buttons to create some of the most intense, beautiful, and powerful kill shots that you've ever seen, but it does come with a slow start from a tutorial. Stick with the slow start and you'll quickly find that killing the mini bosses from Judas, easily upgrading your move set, and learning the different combinations of moves, some of which are by pure accident, is quite fulfilling.


There is also a love-hate portion of the game, and that is the omnipresent voice known as the “developer”. You'll find this addition to the game either engaging and entertaining, or quiet annoying as the developer gives you directions throughout the game. Be ready though, as you are encouraged to disobey these commands but not without the wrath and banter that the developer gives to you as he tries to get you back on track for the mission.


Overall ICEY offers some engaging features from the developer to the great aerial moves that ICEY can perform with just a few smashes of the button. It's an easy game to learn, but offers little of a world experience outside of the direction that the developer expects you to take. It is also much more aesthetically appealing than I expected to experience. You can find yourself bored easily, if finding different combinations of buttons for moves doesn't intrigue you.


I give it a 3 out of 5 for entertainment factor. If you're looking for something different, easy to learn, and quiet satisfying to just hammer away at buttons and test combinations, then ICEY might be right up your ally. If you're looking for a deep story game that will take hours of investment, then you might be disappointed with ICEY. Either way, it's worth picking up and giving a whirl.



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