2020 Draft Class- Defensive Spotlights

by djackson9 | 7 months ago | 1 Comments |

Overall Defensive Draft

Significantly weaker overall as many of the best players were underclassmen that did not declare this season. DL is probably the strength and DB is the weak link.


Sutton Smith-Northern Illinois-LE

As NFL ready as they come. Great blend of speed, power and finesse coming from the DE spot. Hits like a Mack truck. Average coverage skills if a 3-4 OLB is desired. Kind of a jackass that doesn’t like to listen to coaches so his development has been stunted but his athletic ability makes up for it, to a point. Looks to be a top 5 pick in the draft.

Trystan Hill-UCF-DT

Another UCF boy makes it into the spotlight for the draft. At 317 lbs this hog doesn’t move quickly but there’s not much that can stand in his way. We are talking records at UCF for how much this big boy lifted. He will not go around anyone. He WILL go through a lot of people. Another top 5 caliber pick. Although he is undisciplined when it comes to running his mouth on the field, penalties are an issue, he listens to his coaches will and will likely be a superstar for whoever drafts him.


Rashad Smith-FAU-LOLB

Hard worker. Not afraid to get into the trenches. Won the best LB award last year and was a 1st team All-American. Solid all around and will be a superstar anchor for a defense for many years.

Shawn Burges-Becker-UCF-ROLB

Another superstar linebacker in the making is Burges-Becker. He has elite speed for a linebacker. He is raw but has the right foundation built. A ton of upside even if he starts a little lower overall. He will be a household name by the time he retires.


Chris Tooley-FAU-CB

1st team All-American this kid shot his draft stock up drastically this past season. He will not blow you away with speed but will not get left in the dust either. Overall fairly average coming out of college. But he has shown a knack for learning and has the chance to develop into a superstar one day. He is a project but one with tremendous upside.


Again I stress the importance of looking over the links that have been shared before to get a scouting edge. I didn't do these things for no reason. They will help you build a stud draft class so don't cry saying that a commish had an advantage when you have been given more than enough to have a killer class.