Congratulations Chargers Season 2 SuperBowl Champion

by FidgetSpinnDoctor | 4 months ago | 0 Comments |

Chargers for the Win!! 

Season Two Super Bowl Champion 


Wow, what a way to enter our league! Fat Boy quickly made himself a Villain in this league with his poor sportsmanship and lack of respect for the Stock nature of our league. This is not the relationship the League and FatBoy have today. Overtime FatBoy has grown on us much like I imagine we've grown on him. It is my belief that FatBoy understands and respects XP being at stock 100 to make team building more challenging and the league more enjoyable for the long haul. 

What I admire most about this magical Super Bowl run is his constant drive to earn respect. Having to battle as the away team for all of the playoffs he had no complaints about streaming or any of the rules, constantly communicated with his opponents about mutual play times, and handled himself with class and grace every step of the way. He entered as the 6th seed in the AFC and 13th in Power Ranking but quickly rose to the top and overcame everything to win the Championship. Good Luck to you next season FatBoy!!