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And the Jags move on to 2-0 after another convincing victory over a division rival defeating the Houston Texans 59-21 on the road. After last weeks performance against the Colts the Jags were full of confidence and you could see them feeding off that during this game. They came out of the blocks early making Watson go 3 and out and then driving all the way down the field after a good punt return by Ben Baker, however the drive ended in frustration with an interception at the goal line by the Honey Badger as Vaughn tried to force it to Chark. The next two plays you could say was the turning point of this game, Fisher had a big run to give the Texans breathing room being backed up to their own goal line and then tragedy striked as they threw a pick on the very next play! After that Watson threw a pick 6 to AJ Bouye and the Jags completely dominated on both sides of the ball in all areas on the ground through the air they were relentless. Usual suspects D.J Chark and Marquise Brown did not have the impact they normally have as it was 2nd year WR JJ Arcega Whiteside out of the slot with 7 catches for 180 yards. Chark added a TD but was ruled out for the game with a shoulder strain. RB Ben baker had a good day with 4 TDs on the ground but he also was ruled out for the game in the 4th with turf toe. On defense the Jags shut down excellent RB Fisher and forced Watson to throw 3 picks. They’ve allowed 20 points in the first two games although in blowouts they need to tighten up throughout the whole game. 

The Jags look to kick on after this great start as they face the Jets next week and it should be a tough test. Will this finally be the Jags year?  The new league rules seemed to have a few of the past contenders in shambles right now. We will hope they can’t adjust before it’s too late as these fans in Jacksonville would love a Super Bowl.