Post Game Oakland vs. Miami

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Hell of a defensive battle of two of the powerhouses in the AFC. 


1st half: The Raider's offense kept getting enough yardage to convert first downs but not close enough to score. They also missed a 61 yard FG as well. Frustrated offensively, the Raiders went for a fake punt in mid-field and lost the gamble. This gave Miami great field position as they drove down and scored a Touchdown. Right before end of first half, the Dolphins had some big plays down the field which was capped off by a passing TD. Dolphins end the half 14-0, in command. 


2nd half: The Raiders were very motivated to turn the tide coming from the locker rooms after halftime and refused to go down without a fight. The defense tightened up and every single yard was hard to come by for the explosive Miami Dolphins. The Raiders offense was moving, but not at a very high rate- scoring a FG to put some points on the board. The Raiders again shut down the Dolphins offense with Khalil Mack dismantling the Miami O line. Switzer on the Raiders had an incredible punt return for a touch down which got the Raiders within 5 points (missed the 2 point conversion). Score was 14-9 with the Dolphins leading. The Raiders Defense continued to terrorize Miami on the next drive and the Raiders got the ball back. Frustrated with the running, the Miami Dolphins sent an all out blitz, and Carr had recognized this and changed to a pass play where he hit OBJ for a long touchdown; the Raiders had their first lead of the night 15-14 after another missed 2 point conversion. 


With 3 minutes to go, Miami had the ball with the Raiders defense still relentless and putting on immense pressure. It was 3rd and 28 and the Dolphins were on their own 3 yard line- it looked like all hope was lost. Miami audibles the perimeter receiver to run an out and amazingly converts on an incredible play. Miami has some big chunk plays which was capped off by an amazing 15 yard run TD by the back up run on a HB dive on a 3rd and long (it seemed like the Dolphins were just trying to get closer to the FG, but ended up scoring as the Raiders did not expect a run at all and took the lead 20-15. 


Under 1 minute to go, The Raiders get the ball back and are starting to move the ball down the field- it feels a little too late. With 6 seconds to go from the opponents 40 yard line, the Raiders have one last desperate heave to their Superstar WR, OBJ. The ball bounces off the defenders hands and right into OBJ's lap, but he is not expecting it. He bobbles it not once, not twice, but three times and drops the would be game winning touchdown to lose the game. It was very tough for a receiver who is known exclusively for his hands. He will hope to bounce back and so will the Raiders in another tough matchup next week against Da Bears. 


- Just Win Baby