HFL Prestige - The Future is NOW

by HFLrulez | 3 months ago | 1 Comments |

And so with the death and merging of two HFL leagues (Focus and Elite)....we have the emergence of the future...HFL PRESTIGE



  1. widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality.
    "he experienced a tremendous increase in prestige following his victory"
    A perfect name for a HFL league looking to the future.
    The beginning of league gave us a reflection of the past with a consistant Super Bowl contenter (Colts - xxRaiders22xx) squaring off against a new face to the HFL (Bengals - shadowbound0). It was a rough going for the new guy in a 81-14 opening day loss, but he stuck in through to the end...even though he could have used the "Mercy Rule" and ended it in the fourth quarter.
    I look forward to seeing the grit and detemination of ALL the new and old users as we have changed things around a bit with a new divisional format. Having other users of similar strenghth and skill in the same division will make every week challenging.
    I think it will be an excellent way to end Madden 19 for the HFL.
    Until next week,
    BoneyPoets - HFL Commissioner and a Founding Member