Despite Record, Panthers will head into the 2020 season with high hopes

by cjkmr2 | 3 months ago | 0 Comments |

With only 2 games left in the season, many people probably look at the 2019 Panthers season as a complete failure. Those people would be wrong. Was the season disappointing? No doubt. Only 4 wins on the season, while still having to play 2 tough games on the road. However, the coaching staff and players are looking at the optimism. Carolina already has a better record than they did last year. The Panthers finished off last season by losing 10 straight games. Then, the panthers started off this season by losing 8 straight games. That’s 18 straight losing games, but since their bye week, Carolina is 4-2.

Coach Smith stated, “Look, we know we’ve been struggling as a ball club the past couple years. But, we really do have some talented players on this team. We lost a few really close games, and if a couple plays go our way in those games, we’re in the playoffs. It’s all about finishing the game. I'm excited for the future of this team, we think we're just a couple pieces away from being trure contenders”. The panthers front office has their work cut out for them for this offseason, as this will be their prove it year. It really does look like the guys enjoy playing the game again. Regardless of how this season ends, the Carolina Panthers will be heading into the 2020 season with very high hopes.