Update Alert- Banner Creator Update

by poohty_t 2 years ago

Welcome to another announcement of just some more things being updated here at Daddy Leagues. Today we will be looking at the updates and improvements to the Banner Creator . While some people already use other programs to create their banners for their leagues, many find trying to figure out how to save images, upload them to the web and then add them in code to be more than they want to handle. So Daddy Leagues is once again trying to improve things to make them easier to use to help you with customizing your league in many ways without having to have a degree in coding.

The Banner Creator was already there but today some updates have been done to give you more options to customize your league the way you like it. Now there are more templates to choose from for your banner background. As well, the old player cut outs were removed and over 150 new player cutouts were added to give you even more options to choose from in customizing your very own personal league banner. In order to access it go to your admin page , then find the words "Banner Creator" and click it to get started.

You can choose your league name you wish to display on the banner as well as the size, color of the text and its position in the banner. You also can choose up to 3 different players and adjust their size & position as well. Once you have selected your options simply click "Generate Banner" for it to generate what the banner will look like based on what you selected. If your unhappy with it, you can simply adjust the settings again and then click "Generate Banner" again to fine tune your settings to get it just right .

Once you feel like you have the banner looking just like you would like it , there are two options on ways to put it in your banner for your league page. For those who do not feel like having to mess with the coding , you can simply click "Download". Once the downloaded banner is complete, you can then go to your admin page and click "Banner and Background". Here you have an option to upload a banner found by clicking " Choose File" option for File Input. Simply click "Choose File" and select the banner you just created and downloaded. Once it is complete , scroll down and click "save changes" and your done. For those that prefer to do it thru coding , you can simply click "Imgur" . Once you click it , it will take a minute but once its done a URL for your image will appear below the banner. Simply copy that url and enter it in your code for your banner in the correct place and your done.

This is just another way that Daddy Leagues is continuing to try to add new things and new updates to make things quicker and easier for you to use on your sites. Easier customizations has always been one of the top things people have requested and Daddy Leagues will continue to work on updating things to make them easier for you to use. As always please continue your feedback on new features that have been added for improving them as well as your ideas for things to add to the site. Your feedback is valuable to making the site better for everyone involved. Thanks again for your continued support of Daddy Leagues.

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