With the 16th Pick in 2024 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers Select...

by Chris_75866 2 months ago

 With the 16th Pick in 2024 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers Select...

Alabama Running Back, Najee Harris (Andrew Carmichael)

I was most pleased with the final selection that the team had in the 1st round. Najee Harris won the Heisman trophy and he ran a really solid 40 time. He didn't come out as fast as I may have thought but it's good enough. Running back is a position where I don't necessarily need speed at. I do have Austin Ekeler that I plan to use as the change of pace back. Harris fits the bill of a prototypical Steelers runningback. He's over 230 pounds and come move really well. 

The thing I like the most about Harris is his development trait. The man is a X-Factor! I was hoping that he would have a hidden dev of any kind considering that he had won the Heisman trophy. I knew it was a foregone conclusion for him to get an x-factor trait like it used to be in previous Maddens. So to see a development trait like that really made me happy. I was hopeful because he had two stories throughout the last season. You figure the more stories a player gets, the more likely they are to have a higher dev, I guess.

I got Austin Ekeler in free agency and was very happy with the size and speed. My thoughts were that he could be great in the passing game and he could be used as a change of pace back with high top speed. He was never the starter for me, at least in my eyes. I was hoping to get one of the two RB's in the draft. I have to be honest, I'm glad I got the second best one because of the development trait. Harris is going to be the day 1 starter, as well as, the power back. Ekeler will be utilized mainly in passing situations. It's always good to get starters in the draft; it's great when a team can get a starter in the draft when they already have a starting-caliber player at that position.

Selection Grade: A+

This definitely could be a biased grade, but the team's running game was middle of the road last year with Rashaad Penny, Anthony McFarland, and Kylin Hill. While Harris isn't the caliber of player that Penny is, he does seem to be the better fit however. The team had 2 picks before the 16th selection, gaining a starter at offensive line with the pick before. That pick was followed up with the skilled position that benefits from pick 15, a running back. He might be the 2nd best overall RB, but due to dev trait and overall abilities, I would actually put Harris at the top of the running back list.

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