Fitt's Preseason Predictions

by Chris_75866 2 months ago

Fitt's Preseason Predictions

AFC Divisional Champions

AFC South: Colts

It's safe to say that this is Kush's division to lose at this stage in the game. If I'm not mistaken, he's the won the division every season this cycle. His running back duo is arguably the best in the league behind the likes of the Browns. Kush has added some major playmakers on defense with DeMarcus Lawrence and Eric Kendricks. Michael Pittman Jr is up to X-Factor now and at 6'4, he's an absolute monster. I could argue that despite getting rid of Ryan Kelly, his team got better in the offseason. 

Predicted Record: 13-3

AFC East: Patriots

Kylo won it last year and in impressive fashion with a 15-1 record. He has Tyree Jackson well-developed at 88 overall and an X-Factor to boot. Kenny Golladay and Tee Higgins are giants and he knows how to use them. Splash in Kirk's speed and his wide receivers are highly deadly, a position group that is underrated, in my opinion. Phillip Turner is now he's #1 rated cornerback and the 24 year old has every tool that a #1 cornerback needs. Kylo is one of the best tactical Madden users that we have and he's only gotten better since joining Legacy.

Predicted Record: 14-2

AFC West: Las Vegas Raiders

Lamp is a bad man on the sticks and he showed it again last year making a run to the AFC Championship game as the #1 overall seed. He no longer has Josh Jacobs but he didn't really use him anyway last season. Isaih Pacheco is no joke and he'll eat your lunch right in front of you. The Raiders are also equiped with probably the greatest wide receiver group ever. Henry Ruggs III and Davante Adams are both 97 overall and X-Factors, add in OBJ at 93 overall SS. Good luck with that. While you're trying to wrap your brain around those playmakers, Darren Waller just housed a 90 yard touchdown on your dome top. He still has Fletcher Cox and a slew of linebackers that can run a 4.4 40. He could win in this league with the worst team, so I foresee him dominating with this great team he's put together.

Predicted Record: 14-2

AFC North: Ravens

Trey took a season off of not winning the division but I don't think that's going to remain the same this season. He's the defending super bowl champ and quite frankly he feels a little disrespected that people forgot who the hell he was. PUT SOME RESPECK ON IT! Yes, he still has Lamar Jackson. Yes, he re-acquired JK Dobbins. Yes, his wide receivers are still deadly (and he added Denzel Mims.) Yes, his defense is still littered with playmakers. That includes new rookie FS, Amari Moore. Don't you dare forget about George "Ice Cold" Burr either. If you don't know by now, you've either been living under a rock or you're missing a brain cell or two.

Predicted Record: 15-1

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