49er Drafted Rookies

by Pollux2 1 month ago

It's only mere days after the 2021 NFL draft and 49er fans are ecstatic to see the newly drafted players in red and gold. Coach Pollux is here to talk about the newly added talent for this upcoming 21/22 season. 

Round 1 - Pick 3 - Trey Lance QB North Dakota State

Trey has been looked at as a developmental guy, a QB with a powerful arm, very intelligent and able to make all the throws. Plus, he's fast. He'll have to work on his accuracy this preseason however he's in the right place, a team with a great defense and key veteran players around him to build around. Whether he starts on day one, or sits behind Jimmy G will all depend on how the games go. 

Round 2 - Pick 48 - Aaron Banks OG Notre Dame

This was a bit of a surprise pick, this man is massive and will help especially in the interior of the offensive line, however he's not a quick as the usual scheme players the 49ers have. But if you want a guy to lay players out on the field, this is the dude! He'll compete on day one for a starting spot on the roster and be there to protect the QB. 

Round 3 - Pick 88 - Trey Sermon RB Ohio State

You can never have enough running backs, and this guy is a great between the tackle runner. He'll compete for playing time from day one and some predict may be one of the better rookie RBs in the league. He's not as fast as Raheem Mostert but will be a great change of pace back who can make people miss on the field. 

Round 3 - Pick 102 - Ambry Thomas CB Michigan

Ambry will play a depth role as he learns the defense and sits behind starting CB Emmanuel Moseley and Jason Verrett. In the past the CBs have has numerous injuries and have reached far down the depth chart. Ambry has good size and speed and has great instincts to play in the slot while he gains experience. 

Round 5 - Pick 155 - Jaylon Moore OT Western Michigan

Jaylon is a solid tackle who will need some time to develop, but could play a swing tackle role when needed. 

Round 5 - Pick 172 - Deommodore Lenoir - CB Oregon

Deommodore is another depth pick, looking to protect the 49ers down the road if injuries play a role. 

Round 5 - Pick 180 - Talonoa Hufanga - S USC

2020 Pac 12 Defensive Player of the Year, he'll look to contribute on special teams and will provide depth at a position that has noone signed beyond this up coming season. 

Round 6 - Pick 194 - Elijah Mitchell - RB Louisiana

Elijah is a shifty back who will push for reps as a receiving back. He's got great speed and hands, but sits in a deep RB position for the 49ers. 

Coach Pollux told reporters that he's pumped with all the new additions and sees a bright future. He was also heard saying that noones job is safe, this isn't about compactly, it's about having the right people at the right positions. 

The 49ers have earned an over all draft grade of B+ and have shored up both the offense and defense for years to come by adding much needed depth as well as the QB of the future in Trey Lance. Many pick him for a Rookie of the Year prospect, however time will tell during the preseason and early games this year. 

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