'23 Draft Enough to get Burrow to the playoffs?

by Matty_72663 1 month ago

It may not have been on equal footing with the absurd draft haul the New Orleans Saints brought in, but let's be honest, few draft classes in history are.

That being said, Bengals' fans can rejoice as the hometown squad got better up and down the roster.  With some predraft maneuvering, the Bengals started draft week with 7 picks, had 12 the day it started, and eventually added 11 rookies to an already potent roster.

In a surprise move, the Bengals went big with the incredible upside and athleticism of Devonte Wyatt who could've gone pro as a 18 year old. He has spent the last 3 years molding his 6'3", 300 pound frame into a wrecking ball up the middle, whether an offense is looking to run or pass.  After not having played a live down in more than 3 years, insiders say that he is a bigger Aaron Donald.  Within a year or two, he should take the mantle as the premier interior defensive linemen in the league.  Through 4 preseason games, he has already unseated the Bengals' stalwart nose DJ Reader from his starting position.

While no other player drafted by your Bengals really merits much in the way of generational type player accolades, this draft might go down as the greatest in league history with players at every position being considered "generational."  The Bengals did somehow manage to land one.  How he lasted to pick 19 is a mystery. The fact that no one had ever heard of him prior to him being picked, began the draft night cascade of generational talents.  The Saints were the clear winners here, as they scoured the pro days to find the most absurd numbers and nabbed 4 All Pro level talents.

All in all, it was a great night for the Bengals as they were able to secure 3-4 starters and 7-8 solid depth guys that you can expect to contribute without much of a drop off in the case of injury.

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