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by parisofunk 1 month ago

From the Desk of No1Realer

Good Evening Gentlemen,

I stand here with my partners Paris and Chucky (Salute to my brother/commish Prynce) as we begin to embark on a new day in CGL. I’d like to start off by thanking my commish brothers, Prynce, Paris, and Chucky for their support, dedication, and all that we have done throughout our time together here in CGL. I want to thank all of our users/brothers (new, long term, and day one) for your loyalty, dedication, and energy that you all bring to us and our league. We have a great group of guys here. Salute. ????

As I told you guys before, our vision and goal for this league has always been to have fun, bring excitement, passion, and most importantly keep this game as real and as authentic as possible. Whatever Madden or EA does, or doesn’t do, we will try to do what we can to keep our game and league running as realistic as possible, play for play, game for game, and season for season.

Tonight, I am announcing and confirming that you guys no longer need to work on those CGL 6 Rosters.....

Tonight... we will officially hit the motherfucking reset button, and Gladly introduce everyone to the new, crispy, and fresh to death!. CGL.....!!! mothafucking 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you will find out shortly, CGL 7 is a historic moment in CGL as we we continue to make efforts to innovate and move towards the best direction for our league. Please bare with us as we are only making an effort to bring forth balance and a better experience overall. I believe that without any risk, there’s no reward.


New League, New Gameplay, Fresh wave ????

Checkout the details below:

1. CGL 7 will proceed with special abilities turned off, and will include the switch from Traditional Simulation Gameplay, to Competitive Gameplay setting! ????

2. CGL 7 will also include updated rosters and contracts for all 32 NFL Teams, including the freshly new Draft Class of 2021 rounds 1 - 7! ????

3. At some point, at a set time (which we will announce) we will open free agency to all. As usual, restricted free agent Players, if any, are not to be signed. Please do not sign any players from Free Agency until we announce a set time for everyone to enter free agency.


Our changes and efforts are in hopes to provide the best gameplay and best experience possible. We will continue to monitor closely in effort to assist with keeping our league as healthy and realistic as possible, and in attempt to illuminate all the bullshit.

Invites will go out to each member shortly. Please accept your invite, and choose the team that you already had, with the exception of several users that have the approval of taking over a new team. Those members will know who they are once we reach out to them in dm.

If you have any concerns or questions.. feel free to dm us. Hope you guys are as excited as I am ????????????. Can’t wait to start!

Im signing off......


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