The night before

by DgIce 1 month ago

     On the night before the opening day game versus the Broncos, we take an inside look at Caleb Farley and what the Titans hope to be a difference maker in the secondary. In the 2020 season the Titans struggled heavily in pass defense giving up touchdown after touchdown. Therefore John Robinson selected Caleb Farley out of Virginia Tech with his first pick in the draft. Here is a look at the career stats for this young man. 

     As you can see Farley only played two years in college, as he opted out last season due to COVID concerns. In those two years though he put on a show. He did have injury concerns that have plagued him and only time will tell if those will be a thing of the past. Had Farley not had those concerns most considered him to be the best corner in the draft. We look forward to watching this young man develop and hope he has a healthy and long career. 

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