AFC playoff matchups

by Airborne_55449 1 month ago

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (first-round bye) The Jaguars secured the number #1seed and 1st rd bye after a standout year from Harold Dugans the rookie RB is the favorite to win the MVP and OROTY this year after rushing for 1,700+ rushing yards and 35 tds. 2. Denver Broncos . 7. Buffalo Bills Many expected Denver to rest starters in Week 17, but Drew Lock played the first half and threw two touchdowns. One of those were to Jerry Judy. The Broncos are as hot as any team in football and could be on a collision course to play Jacksonville in the AFC championship game. The Bills got in thanks to a Dolphins win and texans loss 3. Cincinnati Bengals vs. 6. Las Vegas raiders with Joe burrow having a pro bowl caliber season 30 tds to only 12 ints this offense can throw and run with the best of them but it'll be up to this teams defense to answer the call with one of the leagues weakest pass rush they will need to show up against a raiders team that likes to air it out. After a rookie of the year campaign in Detroit last year Amari Gibson was traded to the raiders and found his footing right away leading another team in a different conference to the playoffs again two years in a row. The Bengals should watch out because this is the upset game of the week! 4. New England Patriots vs. 5. Indianapolis colts this is another fun game even though the colts are 13-3 the pats are the favorite because it's a franchise that has been here before look for the pats to be the same old team locked in and ready for a fight in the playoffs. After beating some very good teams during the season the colts have proved they deserve to be here and will look to add the pats to the list of teams taken out because they were overlooked. If you have watched this team at all this year you already know that when they come to play no team no matter how good is safe! Upset special #2 here!
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