OGC Restart Power Rankings

by Jjuday2 1 month ago

OGC Power Rankings

  1. Panthers

    1. 2 AFC west losses and a force for the panthers is not a bad place to be. Not a great roster but a great user that can make some noise if he chooses to turn it on at the right time.

  2. Cowboys

    1. Only loss is a force however it is a bit of a weak schedule in the weak NFC excluding the browns. Big game against Ravens this week.

  3. Ravens

    1. Really impressive resume with a dangerous team in madden. He has played well so far this year but the back stretch of the season will be a true test to see if he can truly compete for a super bowl with the Browns, Giants, and Cowboys on the horizon.

  4. Browns

    1. Really only has 2 losses to really good teams, rest are forces. Dynamic passing game and is a legit super bowl contender when he wants to turn it on.

  5. Dolphins

    1. Really good user with a decent roster, has a chance to win it all if he keeps mistakes to minimum

  6. Bucs

    1. I gave him the upper hand on me as he has been kicking my butt recently but he is a really smart user who plays well and could contend this year for a super bowl if he plays the game right.

  7. Chargers

    1. 2 non- force losses to rival bucs and (sigh) a awful game against the jets. Defense has been off the charts but too many turnovers will hold this team back from a deep playoff run if they do not correct it.

  8. Texans

    1. Only played 6 games that weren’t forced but the wins are pretty good. Very dangerous player who could make a deep playoff run.

  9. Giants

    1. Really good record but he hasn’t beaten too many teams that I think are playoff teams. Split with noodle arm eagles and had a close one with bucs. Has potential but I see his record slipping a bit. Definitely a playoff user

  10. Packers

    1. Beat the colts so it moved him up one. He beats the teams he is better than but lost 2 of the 3 against top 12 teams. Needs to play better in big games to be a true contender

  11. Colts

    1. Decent user who has had a tough schedule. Don’t know much about his play style as I have never played him

  12. Seahawks

    1. Up here because he has a very solid record, however he is playing in a fairly easy division and his only big win is the eagles

  13. Jets

    1. Roster sucks but he is doing what he can with it by giving his running back a thousand touches a game. Give him a year or two and this roster will be ready to compete.

  14. Eagles

    1. Doesn’t seem to be having a lot of fun with the noodle arm. This roster is pretty poor but this is a consistently good user who I think has a good chance to make a run to the playoffs but needs to find a QB to be a true contender.

  15. Pats

    1. 1-5 in his last 6 played is not where you want to be going into the final stretch before the playoffs. It appears users are starting to figure out that he has no weapons with his current roster and a young signal caller. Good user that will compete for playoffs just needs to add a little something to his roster.

  16. Broncos

    1. Has done quite well since coming into the league, however all the teams he has beaten have been in 20s on this list. We will see down the stretch where he really lines up in the rankings.

  17. Titans

    1. Around 500 user as of now, solid wins with a solid team, needs to improve to be a true contender in a tough division

  18. Bears

    1. In playoff contention being at 6-5 but he doesn’t have any impressive wins besides the packers. Had a close game with the Rams and defeated the rebuilding Falcons along with the 3-8 saints. 2 force wins bring his total to 6 but he has not done anything to convince me he is a true contender.

  19. Bengals

    1. New bengals user looks good with 2 division wins in the last 3 weeks and a close lose against the dominant giants unit. He may be out of this season but don’t count him out next year as he gets this roster where he wants it

  20. Chiefs

    1. 4-7 with the chiefs is not where you want to be but keep in mind it is still the chiefs. 3-1 in his last 4 games against good users makes for an exciting run that he could have.

  21. Cardinals

    1. Very up and down player with a dynamic offense. Herb can be scary if he gets hot but the playoffs seem unlikely for him right now unless he makes a historic run. Some good wins but some bad losses. Needs to improve his run game and defense to win in this league

  22. Jags-

    1. Hard to judge this user since he has not played a game in forever but he is 2-1 in games played with a young roster.

  23. Bills

    1. Pretty new bills taking over for an old friend of our Jets commissioner. 4 losses since than with a decent roster but I have heard good things about him.

  24. WFT

    1. Good defense in a strong division. Made a big move to bring in Nick Chubb. Needs to find the answer at qb but I really like the weapons he has around a new starter next season. Not in a bad spot moving forward.

  25. Raiders

    1. 1-10 is not where I saw this user being at at this point in the season. Hard to win usering on the d line but has seen success in this league before. Has a tough schedule but needs to figure it out going into year 2.

  26. Lions

    1. Relatively new lions user is coming into a tough situation. Should be just tanking for a draft pick as his team is far away from playoff competition

  27. Falcons

    1. Clearly in tank mode, 2 of his 3 wins are force wins. Terrible cap situation and learning how to win without julio. Team is a few years away from competing if he does not find a new QB fast.

  28. Rams

    1. 2 of his wins are against the niners, needs to retool and revamp if he hopes to compete

  29. 49ers

    1. Only won one game outright with a developmental qb, can compete next year with this roster if he brings down his ints. Needs to add some weapons for lance this offseason to get this offense moving

  30. Steelers

    1. Former playoff player that seems to be tanking for a qb 

  31. Vikings 

    1. Brody is back, taking over the tanking vikings 

  32. Saints

    1. User leaving league, team in clear rebuild

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