Better League Lottery “Top 5” Predictions

by Austin_97890 1 year ago

Better League! 


We are 10 days away from team submissions & depending on who you ask arguably the best part of being in BL is the team lottery!  Today I plan on discussing/predicting which teams will end up accruing the most “Top 5” pick selections across the league & why. In the coming days, I also intend to write a “Bottom 5” article so be on the lookout for that one.  


My “Top 5” prediction includes the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, & Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In no particular order, I can see this varying based on the user but based on the chat I’ve heard many of these teams mentioned already.  I’ll say this though the Jaguars will require some development but have a very enticing young core to build around.


Chiefs: I think this one is a pretty clear cut “Top 5” team candidate. Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Kelce, Edwards-Helaire, Hardman along with some nice defensive pieces make them a Day 1 contender for the entire cycle. Essentially all you have to do is draft defense, sign solid defensive free agents, and let the offense go to work.  Without saying much about the beta, QB mobility from my viewpoint will be very cheesy.


Browns: Odell Beckham Jr, Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams, Grant Delpit, Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield & quality impact players elsewhere make this an EASY “Top 5”. That’s the sort of Madden CFM team you dream about. I think this really goes without saying but given their recent success making it into the divisional round of the playoffs it should bode well for them to see some ratings boosts. You can go a lot of different directions with this squad & have a multitude of trade pieces that can improve your preferred side of the ball.  Use the Connor Rice model for example, trade Nick Chubb & Kareem Hunt for additional draft capital or perhaps you don’t value a QB immensely & move on from Baker Mayfield.  


Cardinals: Kyler Murray. Need I say more?  Franchise QB from Day 1with blazing fast speed (91 in M21) & weapons on both sides of the ball.  If you like to sling the rock, this is the perfect team.  You have a core that includes Hopkins, Isabella, Kirk, Moore, & A.J. Green.  You probably don’t even need all of that talent at WR & end up having trade capital from the jump… shout out Ben.   Defensively you have several pieces that would be great to build around which includes Watt, Murphy, Baker, Simmons, Collins, Jones, & young safeties to develop.  This roster has the perfect blend of speed and elite talent all over the field.  Not to mention, you have some nice uniform combos to bring to the field on a weekly basis.


Jaguars:  This is the one that I can see being closer to a “Top 10” selection as opposed to “Top 5” but I’ll make my case for the latter.  You start off with probably the highest rated QB in Madden since Andrew Luck.  He will without a doubt start off with either superstar or X-factor.  In a league that is predominately pass first users this is a very enticing option.  Not to mention, there are young players elsewhere to build around. Etienne Jr, James Robinson, DJ Chark Jr., Shenault Jr., TIM TEBOW, Myles Jack, Chaisson, CJ Henderson, & Shaquill Griffin is a great core.  The underrated aspect of taking this team is you have a lot of cheap contracts relatively speaking that you won’t have to worry about for 3-4 seasons.  Jersey combos are elite, stadium/weather is relatively consistent throughout the entire season as well.  This is more of a work in progress team but after a couple seasons they will be an absolute threat.  You could realistically compete with this roster from Day 1, shoutout Cody with the Bengals in Season 1. 


Buccaneers:  Chances are the Buccaneers are the best rated team in M22.  Coming off of a Super Bowl victory & the cover athlete being Tom Brady you know he will come with a slew of solid abilities.  The big question will be the QB position after the second full season of the cycle.  Regression will surely hit your biggest asset.  Then again, we saw Brady last what seemed to be 5 seasons in M21.  You have threats all over the field & can compete without making a single signing/trade for a while.  You start off with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Ronald Jones, Gronk, Brown & a solid OL.  The more enticing side of the ball to build around core wise includes Vita Vea, Barrett, White, Winfield, Davis, Murphy-Bunting, and Jamel Dean.  That’s quite the assembly of talent.  Once again, underrated aspect of getting the Bucs is a solid uniform/stadium combo.


Honorable Mentions: Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, & San Francisco 49ers.


I can see this mixture of teams making a jump into the “Top 5” for a multitude of reasons.  Chargers have the ROY Justin Herbert & the best uniforms in the league.  The Cowboys are always seeming to get solid ratings in Madden, mixed with breakout opportunities (America’s team, gotta keep the fans happy).  The Packers will have some OP QB abilities, 99 overall WR, elite DT, and elite DB.  So I can see it where they make a jump based on that core alone.  This is league that is predominately influenced by Patriots fans, surely a good portion of the league will want to build around Mac Jones & company. The Seahawks have Russell Wilson, that’s enough alone but couple that with DK Metcalf and you have fun offense on Day 1. I also think there momentum within the stadium will be a nice bonus to have.  Based on the beta, the Titans have one of the best home field advantages & they have some elite talent all over the field.  Lastly, the 49ers start off with a rookie QB, solid young core in the WR room, & Nick Bosa!


I know this was a lengthy article, hopefully you made it here.  Let me know what you think!

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